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10/3/2017 |


While every season has its rewards, for me, fall is center stage.  Even though the thought of transforming leaves signals the end of long, warm days, the onset of a changing season serves as a welcome barometer for transformation.  Like many, my summer months were jam-packed with activities, obligations and travel itineraries.  I’ve been on a hamster wheel of busy - much to my own creation - and looking forward to getting back to a place of introspective peace.  I began inventorying my space, noticing a backlog of summer gone by in the corner of my dining room.  A stack of Polaroid snapshots, hiking boots, junk mail and vase of wilted flowers (don’t judge) was like a smack in the face.  I’m certainly thankful for the experiences these items garnered (besides the mail), but it became very clear that I need to reel it in. 

There are so many wonderful dynamics of fall - seasonal delicacies, rich colors, and warm fires - but most importantly it’s the opportunity to focus on our inner worlds.  Transforming leaves serve as a kickstart for positive growth, even if it is just cleaning up the crap littered across my table.  As the world downshifts into dormancy, I’m happily skipping at its heels. 

This month our collection of stories highlight warm personalities within our communities, and we began in Agawam with Cathie Cappa, better known as Auntie Cathie.  The self-taught baker and cook began from humble beginnings and has made her mark on the region as an oasis for people with food-based allergies and even those just looking for a delicious meal. She’s on the rise and on the road; we caught up with her to learn how she spreads happiness through food. In Stafford, we visited Jacob Long at American Woolen Co., where he and his team have a specific vision: to bring exceptional quality worsted and woolen textile manufacturing back to America. Learn all about the intriguing company and how they are bringing back the art of domestic apparel and textile production.  Apples are a sure sign of the season and we paid a visit to Applebrook Farm in Broad Brook to celebrate the harvest season. We also rounded up suggestions to enjoy some of falls finest activities, stopped by Foster Hill Farm and found some great local products that signify the season. 

To me, October is a wonderful pause between summer’s abundance and the festive months ahead.  Truly a  season of paradox,  my door is wide open for a fresh start.  So I started tackling the taunting clutter and created a burn pile (of paper) for the backyard firepit.  While I slightly grieve as the beauty slowly slips to the ground, I realize what’s ahead, hearty homemade meals, a balanced life, warm pajamas, good books and the smell of crisp air (not to mention the return of flannels and seasonal beers).  I wish you all the best in your adventures and hope each day is greeted with reverence for what’s ahead.  Happy Autumn!

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