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1/30/2020 | Keith O'Connor


Clarissa Marchia is in every sense of the word a flower child.

She’s not a ’60s hippie – but a floral artist who flowers the New England area and beyond with her amazing floral designs that she creates as the artist behind Lucy Blooms.

As a child growing up, Marchia loved perusing outside for hours for small weeds and dandelions and using them to create something. She said she “forgot how much I loved the natural beauty of flowers” until she graduated from college in San Francisco – which just happens to be the “flower power” city of the sixties that inspired the Scott McKenzie song “San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair).”

“I moved back to Western Massachusetts and the beauty of nature in this area, from the summer flowers growing on the side of the roads to the changing autumn leaves, is what inspired me to resort back to my childhood intuition of loving flowers. I started to pick flowers on my daily walks and bring them home to make arrangements,” Marchia said.

Still, she felt “lost in my life.”

“I had no idea what sparked my curiosity or made me want to learn more. I hired a life coach, and through her I was able to sift through what was clouding my judgment and it was perfectly clear that I was meant to be a florist. I allowed myself to fulfill this dream of mine and that’s how Lucy Blooms began,” Marchia said.

So, the “blooms” part of her business name is understandable, but the Lucy part needs explanation.

“Growing up, my mom always called me Lucy, and still does, as a nickname because my middle name is Lucila-Marie. Tying Lucy into my business is my tribute to my childhood and my child-hood intuition of loving the world through flowers. Lucy Blooms is an extension of myself personified in flowers. When someone sees Lucy Blooms, I want them to think of my business as a person. The idea of having my personal ‘Lizzie McGuire’ was my biggest inspiration behind the name,” Marchia said.

While there was no “floral” major at college in San Francisco, Marchia said she is “proud to be a selftaught artist.”

“It has taken me 25 years to get to this point. Floral design is much more than the physical flower - it is about color, composition, interpretation, empathy, being present, tuning in to nature’s gift and meditating on it. The experiences I have had in my 25 years of life have given me this perspective, and I am hoping to change the way people think about flowers,” Marchia said.

“My drive and curiosity led me to learn everything I know today, and will continue to learn as the industry keeps changing. There have been countless hours of tutorials, attending workshops, working alongside designers in New York City and Boston, and now always keeping up with the trends of the industry,” she added.

Working out of Northampton, Marchia continues her love of flowers by specializing in wedding services, event decoration, flower bars for events, home parties, everyday floral arrangements, weekly deliveries for businesses, creative services and more.

Marchia noted that flowers are definitely playing a more prominent role in weddings today.

“Maybe I’m biased, but flowers are becoming the focus in modern weddings. Flowers are an expressive form of art that can change the atmosphere of any space, and I believe couples who are getting married are aware of this and want to incorporate this into their ceremony as much as possible. Instagram also makes it easy for couples to see the design possibilities for their wedding flowers. Bouquets are getting bigger and designs are getting creative - it’s an exciting time to be a floral designer,” she said.

Marchia added that weddings have a special place in her heart.

“I truly love getting to know my brides and grooms and designing for their dream day. An initial consultation with my couple is necessary. It’s important for me to meet my clients and get to know what styles and designs they love before working with them. I want to make sure it is a perfect match for both parties,” she said.

Her website even noted they create flowers for those who want to elope.

“I am a huge fan of spontaneity and love, and an elopement is an expression of both coming together. I have yet to create something beautiful for an elopement, but it’s a service I will always offer. Hopefully, one day, a bride will call me on her way to city hall asking me to create her wedding bouquet,” Marchia said. Beyond weddings, Marchia said “the possibilities are endless” with her event services.

“I have hosted a Lucy Blooms flower bar and worked one-on-one with my clients in their own home. Event services involve the same planning and effort as a wedding, and is a service for anyone with a small or large budget,” she said.

Lucy Blooms offers flower bars for any event. Her flower bars range from 1-2 hours of unlimited flowers and supplies, so guests can create their own bouquets while choosing from a variety of blooms.

She also offers “flower parties” for anyone who wants to host one in their home. Similar to a workshop, it’s a oneon-one design class where guests gather in a home and Marchia teaches the basics of floral design with a class. All supplies are provided.

Marchia has also offered workshops that range in a variety of topics on floristry.

“I fully intend on hosting another series of workshops this year so more people in the community can come together and have fun with flowers,” she said.

For those who want to be constantly surrounded by flowers, Marchia offers floral subscriptions to anyone who wants flowers delivered to them on a regular basis.

“By signing up for my subscription services, you can choose from a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal delivery service. I highly recommend floral subscriptions for businesses because it’s a beautiful way to keep your storefront looking fresh and inviting. And, it makes a great gift for flower lovers,” she said.

She also plans what she calls “photoshoots.”

“Before I was a floral designer, I was a photographer. I love how a lot of creative backgrounds can mesh together and intersect. I am bringing together my creative skills as a designer and photographer and offering the community something I haven’t seen from a florist before - floral photoshoots,” Marchia said.

She designs, plans, and executes the entire shoot based on what her client wants. Photoshoots she has worked on in the past have included boudoir, shooting in a garden-like setting, and product styling. For larger shoots, she teams up with a local photographer so that she can focus more on designing the flowers. But, for smaller, intimate shoots, she designs the flowers and photographs the entire shoot.

Sustainability is a very important part of Lucy Blooms.

Marchia designs without using floral foam, which she noted is “toxic to humans and the environment and is not biodegradable.”

“This is challenging for large-scale installations, but designing foam-free, as the industry calls it, just requires proper planning and thoughtful design. My tissue paper for wrapped bouquets and packaging is made with compostable material and printed with acid-free, soy- based ink. I feel a lot better knowing my flowers are not wrapped in cellophane. For my signature vases, I use Mason Jars or repurpose jars gifted to me and paint them in Lucy Blooms inspired colors. As I continue to grow as a business, I will learn more about how I can continue to be sustainable in my business and what needs improvement,” she said.

All arrangements by Lucy Blooms can be ordered online through her website for deliveries anytime. However, she does not have a storefront to visit, which Marchia said is why “having a great marketing strategy is important to me.”

“But I prefer it this way. I love being able to travel and freelance with other designers without having to worry about closing a shop. There are pros and cons to it, of course, but I’d rather have the freedom and not have a storefront to tend to,” she said.

For more information on Lucy Blooms, visit or call 413-478-7262

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