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2021-04-29 | KEITH O'CONNOR


It’s not just your average gym. “We have people who come here from New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and beyond for a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else near them,” said Brian Miller, owner of Movement Terrain OCR Fitness in Wilbraham. “We’re quite different in a way that we are not only a gym where you would go for general fitness…..weight training…..a great workout…..but we have 10,000 square feet of obstacles that you won’t find anywhere else. The reasons why anyone comes to Movement Terrain vary from strictly the fitness aspect to families looking for a fun active time,” he added.

Miller equates a “fun active time” to picking up a basketball game outside with friends….. something you don’t think of as a workout, but in a sense it is.

“Again, that’s what makes us different, we’re not just about health and fitness, but about having a good time in the process. In the end, I believe that provides greater sustainability because you are enjoying what you are doing,” Miller said.

Movement Terrain opened in July 2017 after Miller left his job as a machine shop manager to become his own boss and bring an entirely new fitness experience for cross-training, mud run loving adults, Ninja Warrior kids, and for families looking for some “fun” to put into a workout.

“I was already doing some personal training on the side and had pursued various certifications over the years, but fitness training wasn’t something at the time that I wanted to do full time. I was always of the thought that you go to work for someone else and as a result have some stability in your life,” Miller said.

But then things changed.

“I took part with some friends in a Rugged Maniac obstacle course. It was fun and amazing and I got a good workout. Before that time I had never gone to any gym or event where there was so much camaraderie among so many athletes of differing levels working together and helping each other. I began to wonder if there were any indoor places where you could train for one of these events, but it took me 4-5 years to make the move,” Miller said.

Movement Terrain wasn’t Miller’s first choice for naming his new business.

“I originally came up with the name Extreme Obstacle Gym, then I thought we were not only for extreme people and not just about obstacles. So, I started thinking about movement, and whether people were coming here to lift weights or climb over obstacles that it was really all about movement,” Miller said.

Today the one-time personal trainer equates their indoor obstacles to the popular national Rugged Maniac, also known as a mud run, and Spartan races held outdoors. As part of the challenging courses, contestants maneuver obstacles such as crawling through tunnels, jumping over logs set on fire, scaling over large walls, and other seemingly impossible challenges. In fact, the first-ever Rugged Maniac competition before going national was held in Southwick in October 2010 with over 2,000 race participants. Miller participated in the Southwick event in 2012.

“The foundation of many of the obstacles we have here at Movement Terrain can be found on the popular NBC television show ‘American Ninja Warrior,’” Miller said.

But you won’t find the level of outrageous obstacles, such as scaling fire, indoors at Movement Terrain. Instead there are ropes to climb, walls to climb over, rings to swing from one to the other, monkey bars, balance beams, and walls which you traverse from side to side, all of which challenge your body in various ways.

Everyone has their own reasons for making Movement Terrain their place to work out.

“It’s difficult to nail down the reasons why some adults walk through our doors since we have so many different things to offer them. Some members may only come for cross-training and may be intimidated by the obstacles and have no interest in them. For others who are really into training for an obstacle race, they may come to us to improve on a particular obstacle they may be failing at so they can attend their next event with the knowledge and confidence they didn’t have before,” Miller said.

It is a little different for younger visitors.

“Kids just want to have fun and if it’s not fun, why do it? You don’t necessarily find younger kids thinking about staying in shape or looking good, it’s all about the fun for them. They see the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ television show and think, ‘This is cool, how can I learn to do this and where?’ They bring a nice element to the gym and, again, that is what defines us - that we cater to both adults and kids,” Miller said.

Kids do primarily the same thing as adults at Movement Terrain, but at different intensity levels. In the 6-8 age group, the focus in on obstacles and some body weight exercises such as push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats, anything using their own body weight. While for kids 9-12, the emphasis is on advanced techniques on obstacles and an introduction to weight training with actual weights. As for teens, each class is run with weight training, obstacle skills and a metcon circuit, which is actually metabolic conditioning using gymnastics moves, weights and obstacles combined.

Recently Miller has been offering Nerf Wars for ages six and up that parents can even participate in along with their children. Kids are broken up into two teams, set up with different game scenarios, and then sent off on their missions.

Movement Terrain is also a fun place for “Ninja Warriors” and “Spartan Kids” to celebrate their birthday. Party-goers get unlimited access to obstacles and Astroturf area for two hours. Participants can also stage their own Nerf Wars, but must bring their own equipment. There is also a party area to enjoy, but it is bring-your-own birthday cake, beverages and other food, along with plates and utensils. Parties are $250 for 15 guests and each additional participant is $15.

Memberships range from $60 to $80 per month depending on a single-, three-, or six- month commitment, which includes unlimited classes and open gym. Family memberships are $90 per month with a 6-month commitment and includes unlimited classes and open gym. You can also purchase a 10-class pass for $100, which is valid for six months for classes or open gym, and a day pass for $15 which is valid for one month and is good for classes or open gym.

Also, if you are looking for some one-on-one attention, Movement Terrain offers personal training for adults and kids with the goals of building muscle, burning fat, crushing obstacles, returning to a sport after injury and perfecting form.

Movement Terrain is located on 176 Cottage Avenue in Wilbraham. Check their website for hours and classes.

For more information,
visit or
call or text 413-348-9646

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