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11/8/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


At any point, life can take twists and turns; leaving one to wonder which path they should take next. This is what led Terese Napoli in the direction of becoming a cosmetologist and to pursue her business, Especially For You In Home Services.

Terese provides in-home cosmetology services for the elderly and people with disabilities. Bringing her skills to the homes of people in Wilbraham, Hampden, Chicopee, Agawam, West Springfield and surrounding areas, Terese has been able to not only change the lives of her clients, but her own life.

“I had just gotten divorced and needed to get my kids on track. I had to start something. I had done medical billing for 25 years, but I knew that would be a lot of hours and I wouldn’t be able to advocate for my boys.”

Terese was the victim of an abusive marriage. The wrongdoings that she and her two sons suffered through were unspeakable, but Terese refused to let them ruin the lives of herself and her boys.

After leaving the marriage, Terese had to make a big change. She graduated from Kay Harvey Hairdressing Academy in 2014 and received her cosmetology license a month later. After working for places such as Great Clips and the Monastery Heights assisted living facility in West Springfield, Terese knew she had the experience behind her to pursue something new. She cared for her beloved father until he passed away, and continues to care for her mother. This life experience coupled with professional hours gave Terese the know-how and passion to pursue Especially For You In Home Services. She was able to transition the level of caring she brought to patients in the medical field into the cosmetology field. Her father inspired her to further her career and keep positive after experiencing so many traumas. “My father is the reason why I am so strong. I saw him help out my mom. He was always there for me.”

Terese received a certificate that allows her to travel to the homes of the elderly and disabled to complete hair and nail services. She has tailored her cosmetology skills to the needs of those who may not be able to visit a salon location. She colors and cuts hair and paints nails. She can traditionally wash hair, but also has the ability to spritz it or use dry shampoo if getting to a sink is too difficult for her clients.

Now, after two years, Terese continues to develop her business. She weaves together the ability to offer salon services and build lasting relationships with those she meets. As she shared, “I combined my love of styling and compassion for people to create Especially For You In Home Services. I have met strong and amazing people of all ages.”

Terese feels lucky to have made her enthusiasm for beauty into a career. “It has blessed me, I love to give back. It’s therapeutic for me to care for people.”

Becoming a stylist has forever changed her life. While Terese loves to create hair and nail looks, it’s the happiness she sparks in others that makes her career worth everything. She recalls a client sending her a text message stating, “Oh my gosh, you saved my life” in response to a hair service Terese provided. Terese described why she would never forget this particular client.

“She has MS and cannot get out often. She was in the hospital and needed a test done that required eighteen pads on her head. They were matted to her hair. It came out absolutely beautiful and was back to normal. She texted me ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ I’m so happy my clients feel they can rely on me.”

Despite the number of setbacks in Terese’s life, she always maintains a positive outlook and bubbly personality. She credits her ability to stay strong to her faith. “I go to church. My father instilled in me that I could do all things with Christ. I have been a Christian since I was eight years old. When things get down, looking and seeking out what would be the best possibility on changing things is all I can do.”

Terese has found faith in her clients as well. She recalled a day where everything seemed to be going wrong. She couldn’t seem to shake her worry and her upset feeling, but still continued her day at Kay Harvey Hairdressing Academy. “A woman came in and said she needed her eyebrows done. I brought her to my station and she said, ‘God sent me to you,’ and asked me what was on my mind. I couldn’t believe it. We prayed first. She was an angel. I haven’t seen her since.” The issue that was worrying Terese concluded that evening, leaving her to believe this client was in fact a sign from above to show her everything would be okay.

Working with the elderly and people with disabilities is heartwarming for Terese. She develops friendships and lasting memories with those that she provides services to, and she never forgets particular clients. Terese had a returning client at Kay Harvey Hairdressing Academy whose roller sets she would do frequently. She had previously beaten cancer and Terese was still her hairdresser when the cancer came back. “We went through the whole thing together including the process of her losing her hair. I helped her pick out a wig. She wanted my input on what I thought would look cute on her. I used to visit her often and she was awesome. It was incredible to go through that with her when she needed me. I build relationships.”

Terese also recalls feeling a connection with another of her terminally ill clients. She had cut and styled his hair once and he was happy with the result. His wife called Terese and told her he was in the hospital, but had requested her salon services once he was back home. She was able to help him, and he told her, “Thank you so much for coming here. I don’t know what I would do without you. I want to look good for God.” His comment floored Terese, and she realized that she was doing more than helping clients feel good about their appearance. She was making a huge impact on their lives.

Now, Terese is planning to be a part of her church’s upcoming craft fair so that she may find new clients. She dreams of being able to take care of her sons while continuing her career as a stylist. She is always handing out cards and promoting what she does best in hopes of helping as many people as possible.

As long as Terese is travelling and providing salon services, it is certain that she is bringing smiles along with her. She has overcome some of life’s biggest challenges, but is happy to continue to conquer and never stop fighting. Terese’s story teaches the lesson that no matter what life throws at you, you can keep holding on and make your dreams come true.

For more information on Especially For You In Home Services, please visit Terese can also be reached at her business number, 413-478-8629.

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