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Deep Fried Deli Rolls

2/6/2018 | Amy White



Everything you love about a classic deli sandwich, but all wrapped up! These “Deep-Fried Deli Rolls” make great use of the deli meats and cheeses that already live in your fridge. Might we suggest trying these with your leftover corned beef from St. Paddy’s Day? The fried outer shell will crackle against your teeth as the warm meat and melted cheese on the inside dribble down your chin. And talk about versatile -  if it can be a sandwich, it can be a deli roll!



12 egg roll wrappers

12 slices deli meat of your choice (ham, corned beef, roast beef)

12 slices deli cheese of your choice 

(American, Swiss)

Condiment of your choice (mustard,

Thousand-Island dressing, bleu cheese dressing)

12 servings vegetable of your choice (pickle spear, cabbage, lettuce)



Fill a large frying pan about 1/3 of the way full with cooking oil and heat the oil. Lay down an egg roll wrapper and in one corner place a slice of meat and then a slice of cheese over it. Spread the cheese with a thin layer of your chosen condiment and top it with the vegetable. Roll as you would an egg roll, from the diagonal, tucking the sides in at the halfway point. Fry in 3750F cooking oil in batches until golden brown. 

Suggested Combinations:

The St. Paddy’s Day

Leftover corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand-island dressing and a cabbage leaf.

The Classic

Smoked ham, American cheese, mustard and a pickle.

The Steak house Special

Roast beef, Swiss cheese, bleu cheese dressing and a leaf of Romaine.


Recipe submitted by Amy S. White, a food blogger and writer whose original recipes are influenced by her travels. She is a regular contributing writer for Go Local Magazine and Connecticut Food and Farm Magazine. She won a Connecticut Agricultural Journalism Award in 2016. She lives, teaches, cooks, eats and writes in eastern Connecticut.




Local personal chef and caterer LISE JAEGER, owner of Chef for Hire, LLC is
a Johnson & Wales graduate, who has been cooking throughout Connecticut and
northwestern Massachusetts for over 20 years. She is continually developing new
recipes and teaches cooking classes privately and at local colleges. Inspired by all different
styles of cooking, Chef Lise's menus span the globe and entice her clients to a deliciously
memorable experience.

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