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7/31/2019 | G. Michael Dobbs, Managing Editor


Hi, are you new to Go Local? You may be with this issue.

Go Local is a monthly lifestyle magazine exploring the interesting places, events and
people in western New England.

I write this introduction as the magazine is being distributed to three new communities
with this issue: Westfield, Southwick and Granby, CT. Welcome to the readership! Our
hope is that Go Local helps you realize just how rich an area in which we all live.

Western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut are filled with great stories that may
have slipped your attention. It’s our intent to bring them to you along with great photos.

For instance, our Go Local Picks is a monthly feature that showcases everything from a
great place to eat – Cindy’s Drive-in in Granby, MA – to area artisans, such as Moon Snail
Creations in Southwick.

Sometimes we feature places or businesses that you might drive by every day and may
not be aware of all they offer. Stanley Park in Westfield is the heart of that community,
providing a wooded respite in a busy urban area. This month’s feature allows you to explore
all that the park offers.

Another example of a gem under our collective noses is the A2Z Science and Learning
Store. A pioneering business in the field of combining learning with play, I’ve gone there
many times to find gifts for our grandson. Even if you don’t have a younger member of
the family right now, the store is a fascinating place to walk through: part revelation and
part nostalgia. I bet you’ll want to buy something for yourself!

In this issue, we also go to Ellington, CT to that town’s farmers market. I don’t know
about you but I try to shop as often as I can at these markets. That one trip allows a person
to support local farmers, buy the freshest of local food products and build a sense of
community. In Ellington, the market is a non-profit and has the difference of offering
educational and entertainment features. As Market Master Diane Trueb said, “My favorite
aspect of the market is how it has become a social event for people in town. There is no
official ‘downtown’ area in Ellington and other small rural towns in the area. People who
attend don’t always come to shop; they come to visit friends. It’s rewarding. Seeing senior
citizens come with their chairs and listen to the music, or seeing repeat groups of folks
who come and hang out – it’s just fantastic.”

That sense of community runs through every issue of Go Local.

Now that we are the midst of summer – and going through some very warm weather – ice
cream is king and we feature seven different independent ice cream shops in our region.
JB’s Ice Cream in East Longmeadow is the closets of these to my home in Springfield and
my wife and I frequently make the trip to enjoy a premium hand-made ice cream.

We also like to present folks who are innovators, bringing their vision of a business or a
product to the local market. This issue is no exception with a story about Ruthie and Scott
Sutters of Somers, CT. They are both runners, have founded RunBuddy, a smartphone
app that acts as your “buddy” when you’re out for a walk, run, or bike ride. It’s a cool idea.

I hope our new readers will enjoy this edition of Go Local and we look forward to getting
together next month with a new selection of great stories.

- G. Michael Dobbs, Managing Editor

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