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8/1/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


I remember the nerves that danced in my stomach around this time each year as a child. Equipped with a brand new binder covered in pictures of my favorite musicians and dressed in the perfect outfit to make a good impression, I walked into the locker-lined halls of Springfield Public Schools each year ready for big changes. While I sometimes hid music magazines behind textbooks (I wasn’t too avid for math), back-to-school meant the most to me because I got to come back to journalism class.

This was my silver lining to go back to school. While the ringing of the bell may cause groans from students, there’s always a good reason to be happy to find yourself back in the classroom. The new school year is a time of new beginnings, learning something about education and life you may not have known the year prior.

Reminiscing about the scent of freshly sharpened pencils, brand new school clothes and decorating my binders always puts a smile on my face. One of my fondest memories is sitting on my living room floor with my sister, packing up our backpacks with new school supplies, discussing what the coming school year would bring. Though I am no longer a student, I have a feeling I’ll be stopping by to help her prepare her own backpack for nursing school.

This is why I love autumn. It brings changes, whether from season to season, or semester to semester. It’s the calm after the wild summer days packed with vacations and road trips. We exchange packed schedules for the calm of studying and participating in relaxing activities. Soon, the familiar green environment that we have just adjusted to will burst with beauty in shades of red, yellow and orange. The leaves will decorate the ground we walk upon, and a symphony of crunches will follow under our footsteps. Lawn ornaments will be exchanged for bountiful pumpkins fresh from the patch, the aroma of toasty apple cider will warm our spirits and scarves will make an appearance from underneath packed away boxes. Yes, it is truly the season of transitions, and with that transition from sunny rays to autumn days, activities are abound.

This month, Go Local happily welcomes South Windsor and West Springfield to our publication. With this warm welcome comes our cover story for September, Book Club Bookstore & More, the perfect place to find a book to pair with pumpkin spice coffee on a cool day. You won’t be disappointed after walking through their book arch. Main Street Deli invites us to an early Thanksgiving dinner in their welcoming dining room as they prepare to hit the road for the Big E fairgrounds this month. Golden Gavel Auctions shows us that great deals aren’t just found in big box stores. In fact, they show us why auctions are more fun and valuable. We explore Dr. Mark Levy’s Garden in Longmeadow and all of the wonders of this unique outdoor space and we visit Rustic Brewing Company, who serves up the ideal beer for any harvest event.

As you prepare for the new school year, or even just for hayrides and pumpkin patches, remember to take a breath, and take in the beauty of what fall has to offer.

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