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8/1/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


Goodbye summer! It’s a bittersweet sayonara. The sun sets just a tad sooner, it’s our last chance to flaunt sundresses and shorts, and we wave goodbye to the warm beaches. Not to mention, it’s the last hoorah before school begins once more.

What makes it personally bittersweet for me is that Halloween decorations start pouring into stores, pumpkin spice trickles its way into every food and drink, and I love school supplies. But I will save my joy in those concepts for next month, and let our readers enjoy another month of summer.

We have survived the heat wave of July, and just in time to bask in those last-minute summer activities. This month, we met up with the MOMS Club of Longmeadow in preparation for their 3rd Annual Almost Mile Family Fun Run and 5k. We celebrate local history and talk cold treats thanks to the East Windsor 250th Anniversary Committee and their upcoming Ice Cream Social. We take a look at the upcoming events, fun with farm animals and activities at the annual 4H Fair in Somers. We are blown away by the artwork of Ryan D. Jacque. The great people featured in this issue are helping us ease into the end of the summer with fun, food and fantastic artwork.

I can easily tie each feature this month to my own personal life. Meeting with the MOMS Club of Longmeadow reminded me of the kindness and love of my own mother, and her willingness to always open her heart to not only my sister and I, but the other children in her life. Whether it was making dozens of chocolate lollipops to hand out or helping children in the lunch room at Springfield Public Schools, she always played the part of super mom to all of the local children of my hometown.

The pride that the East Windsor 250th Commitee takes in their town is astonishing. Their attention to the history of their hometown and the care they have taken in conducting an Ice Cream Social brings me back to my childhood, basking in the rich history of Springfield including Dr. Seuss and the annual pancake breakfast. It’s evident they have just as much love for their city as I do for my own.

Ryan D. Jacque and his passion for art reminds me of my personal love for writing. The level of detail and attention that Ryan puts into his works is unmatched, and I only hope to grow my career as much as he has. Hearing his story this month was truly inspiring.

While it’s never easy to say goodbye to the summer, let’s not send it off just yet. Stay up a little later, bathe in the sun and don’t be too quick to pack those flip flops away. Summer events are aplenty in Connecticut and Massachusetts this month, and I’d highly suggest enjoying them before stressing about  back-to-school shopping and cold temperatures.

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