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12/27/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


Ah, January. Now that the wrapping paper has been recycled, the last slice of pie has been consumed and the ornaments are stored snugly in the attic, we can finally relax, breathe and take a moment to focus on health and wellbeing.

Not that we should ever see selfishness as a virtue, but this month, don’t feel bad about taking a moment for yourself. Everyone has their own personal relaxing rituals. Perhaps yoga makes you feel peaceful. Maybe a freshly blended smoothie is your bliss. If it makes your mind, body and soul feel good, January is the ideal time to embrace it. With no stressful holidays coming up, it’s an ideal month to clear your mind and your schedule. It’s all about you, readers!

Writing brings me inner peace. As the stacks of notebooks lining my bookshelves at home can attest to, it has been my leisure activity for several years. While it may not always be perfect, it’s something I can look at and know I created myself.

I am blessed by the fact that my job is also my favorite activity. Meeting new people with great stories and wonderful business ventures brings a smile to my face with each new edition. This month, Go Local meets The Green Ohana in Stafford Springs, clearing our minds and environment of toxicity. Hampden County Beekeepers Assocation’s Bee School’s Mark Lantzakis of Longmeadow introduces us to a hobby that’s also essential to keeping our planet and flowers healthy. Night Owl Knots’ Nikki Loud of Longmeadow brings us back to the winter with crocheted creations that help keep New England toasty. We met all kinds of people this month, and it makes me excited to introduce more of what makes our footprint great in the coming year.

In 2019, my New Year’s Resolution is to explore new places. I used to call Northampton my second home. Being only a short distance from my hometown of Springfield, a short drive was the only thing separating me from streets bustling with artists, music and rainbow crosswalks. Even living in Windsor Locks now, I sometimes gaze up at the sun and moon tapestry hanging on my wall in my bedroom. I purchased it at Shop Therapy and remember being a teenager, wandering the downtown streets with it draped over my shoulders. No judgments and no weird looks, just a community allowing a free spirit to experience the Noho nightlife.

I recall my excitement to find Fleetwood Mac pins at Turn It Up, and attaching them to my backpack while blaring Rumours in my headphones. I skipped to Inspirit, where knowledgeable staff helped me pick out a rose quartz heart. I remember laughing at the quirky gift options at Faces and then wandering to CVS for a soda. I always left Northampton thinking, “This place gets me.”

I am so happy to welcome Northampton and neighboring towns Florence and Easthampton to the Go Local community, starting in February. While I have not visited Florence or Easthampton yet, I am certain I will leave these communities with fond memories and great stories. I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people and businesses that reside here.

I look forward to the New Year, and hope that our readers are equally as excited for 2019!

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