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10/29/2020 | VICKI MITCHELL


Have you been feeling anxious or tense lately? Do you experience body aches or pains, sleep issues, or are you just not feeling your best? Your key to feeling better may be a visit to Hazardville Wellness in Enfield, Connecticut. There, Nathan Fay is commemorating his 5th year as owner of the Center, and his 15th year of practicing his art of Myoskeletal Alignment. Fay is a licensed and board certified massage therapist with a Master’s Degree in Myoskeletal Alignment from the Freedom From Pain Institute under the direction of Erik Dalton. He is currently finishing a Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Therapy. He also teaches seminars on Myoskeletal Alignment technique throughout New England.

Fay says, “I am a life-long learner. Although many have said that I’m a master of my craft (having over 3,000 hours of education under my belt), I am forever a student. I started off at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and shortly after obtaining my license was introduced to the work of Erik Dalton and Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT). MAT opened a huge door in my work of solving chronic and acute pain problems - clients were getting better and seeing results in fewer sessions. I’ve always had a fascination with continuing my education so that I can further understand assessment and treatment options, and also understand how to perform spinal and extremity manipulations. When Covid-19 hit earlier this year it was an opportune time for me to work through a large program in Osteopathy. I look forward to adding this element of treatment into my practice and, as always, helping clients get better faster!”

Fay says that he doesn’t diagnose his clients, but rather, his philosophy “has always been to work with and not on them to create a team oriented therapy session. Understanding how to take a good history, active listening and a thorough understanding of assessments is how I choose a treatment plan for each individual that I work with. I believe that working with other professionals on an as-needed basis is important. This is first and foremost necessary in order to do what is best for the client. If a client, whether new to my practice or long-standing, comes in and they are presenting red flags that indicate I may need to refer them for imaging or a second opinion, I do not hesitate to tell them that. Because of this willingness to refer my clients to other providers as necessary, over the years I have had many medical doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals seek my services for themselves, knowing that I am open to working with and not against them.”

Some of the issues that Fay has successfully treated have included realignment of the body, improvement of soft tissue health, nerve impingements, scoliosis, disc issues, tendonitis, bursitis, sprains and strains, plantar fasciitis, both chronic and acute pain, chronic tension, and muscle and sports injuries. In addition to the massage therapy and alignment work, Fay may also use PhysioKinetix training. This is a four level brain and body based training progression, created to help individuals who face chronic pain during their daily activities. Fay explains that the system was “developed by my mentor, Paul Kelly. I use this system with my clients in conjunction with their therapy outside of our sessions and have the ability to work on movements through gentle strengthening or stretching. Many people, when in pain, are fearful of moving, concerned that it will possibly make things worse or increase their level of pain. Part of educating clients is to help them NOT have fear based movement by building confidence in their movement while at the same time reducing pain.”

When asked if any of his work at the Center is covered by insurance, Fay answered, “this is a common question. Under my licensure, insurance does not currently cover my services. That being said, I am one of the few providers that spends a full 45 to 60 minutes with each client actively doing therapy as well as providing education. To spend that amount of time with a client is very rare in the world of therapy and pain management; oftentimes I meet folks who have been in and out of other providers’ offices, sometimes getting answers (sometimes not) but not really receiving treatment or a game plan on how to work towards moving and feeling better.”

In addition to Fay’s work, you can also take advantage of registered dietician Jacqui Campbell, another member of the team at Hazardville Wellness. Campbell, MS, RD, CDN, and LDN, provides medical nutrition therapy tailored to each individual client. Her main goal is to help them find a way of eating that meets their needs, goals and lifestyle. She doesn’t prescribe diets, but helps people heal their relationship with food and move away from restrictive diets and fads. Campbell takes the time with each client to review medical history, their schedule, eating habits, physical activity and overall lifestyle. Based on that assessment she then makes individualized recommendations, helps clients set realistic goals and provides on-going support. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds, and has a particular passion for working with those with eating disorders, diabetes and digestive issues.

Yet another intriguing sounding therapy at the Center is the Sunlighten Mpulse, known as a full spectrum infrared sauna. Clients find it beneficial for a number of reasons, according to promote relaxation, reduce pain, and help with sleep. Sunlighten, while similar to a traditional sauna, delivers a much more effective outcome as the infrared heat is absorbed through the surface of the skin unlike an ambient heat.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his business, Fay responded, “What’s not to enjoy??? After 15 years of doing this work it’s still always exciting! I love what I do and enjoy the continued challenges that clients present as they walk through my door. I’m constantly reminded that no two bodies are the same and the challenges I am presented with, as well as the outcomes that I help clients achieve, are mind blowing! I still to this day get excited when a client gets off of my table after a session and they start to move and you see an expression of joy and relief on their face because they feel better and they know they can move on with their life and enjoy the things they love to do with less or no pain.”

In addition to Fay’s enthusiasm for his work at the Wellness Center, he also loves spending time with his 10-year-old son, Michael, building forts, seeking out the best roller coasters and fishing in Lake Champlain.




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