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10/3/2017 |


Kim and her husband Karl started with horses but fell in love with miniature donkeys at first glance, “Karl and I were at a horse show and someone was walking around with a mini donkey foal.  We just had to get one,” Kim says. They purchased Badlands and two other donkeys from a breeder in New Hampshire and never looked back. They now breed and rescue these adorable creatures at their farm called Foster Hill Farm in Stafford Springs, “People would call and want a donkey for a companion but would not necessarily want a mini or a registered animal.  We reached out to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Texas thinking we could place quite a few rescue donkeys for them.  We are now a satellite for PVDR.  We placed 35 donkeys last year for them, finding great homes in the northeast.”

Badlands has a ton of personality and Kim says he is similar to a dog,  “He greets us every day.  When we clean the pens he backs up to us wanting us to scratch his rump with the soft rake.  Once he gets his butt scratched, he walks over to the stall door.  If we have not latched it completely he knows how to slide the latch over and he lets himself out to look around and see what’s going on in the other pens.” Apparently, he has even taken up a little side work, “We taught him how to carry panniers (baskets) and wear a pack saddle.  He recently made an appearance at a cocktail hour at a beautiful wedding in Greenwich.  He hung out with the guests and wore the panniers filled with flowers.  He has decided to moonlight at weddings with flowers, water or beer in the panniers. We love him dearly and he has brought so much joy into our lives.”

If you’d like to visit Badlands or the farm, call (860) 729-6310 for an appointment.

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