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2021-04-01 | VICKI MITCHELL


Its spring…time for that time-honored tradition of spring cleaning! Why not start with a fresh, clean look for your home’s exterior, including your decks and outdoor furniture? The best part? You can just call Mr. T’s Power Wash and they will do all the work for you! It’s truly amazing to see how much better a house, roof, deck, patio furniture, and even walkways and driveways cleaned of accumulated grime, moss and mold can look.

Mr. T, otherwise known as Bob Tofolowsky, started his power washing company in the 1980’s with his wife, Linda. Bob had been working at “a great tool and die making job,” but yearned to be working outdoors. He says, “with the help of my family and some entrepreneur magazines, I decided to go into the power washing business. We purchased some equipment and learned the profession through trial and error, and continued research on the subject. This all happened back in the early 1980’s, and power washing, at least house washing, was a fairly new concept. Linda and I worked very hard at making the business successful. When Jess and Dan (my children) were very young, they used to come with me to wash, and I paid them. They learned at a young age the concept of working and earning a living.”

Today, it is a small business owned and operated by the family, which includes their children, Dan (general manager) and Jess (office manager). Dan and his wife, Lauren, have two young sons, Joe (3) and Max (1.) It won’t be long before these youngsters are old enough to accompany their dad to jobs and start “learning the ropes” of the business. They also have an assistant power washer, Sean McHugh, a childhood friend of Dan’s.

Jessica says of her father “Mr. T is the man who started it all, who worked long hours to start his own business from the ground up, who still works long hours to maintain his business, who wants to see all of his customers happy and who will go the extra mile to do so. He LOVES seeing his customers’ pets, and loves a good conversation.”

Bob adds, “I have always stressed to the family over the years to do a good job and be courteous to the clients. We always stick together as a family.”

In order to carry out the task of providing quality work, the company owns three fully equipped power washing trucks, and one enclosed low pressure roof washing trailer. They use bleach and hot water for most of their washing, adding that “we use bleach because it is very effective in killing and removing mold, mildew and algae.

Bleach is also very environmentally safe. It is used in the purification of wells and in city water treatment facilities, and of course in pools in which we swim.” Scrubbing the surface is not typically required to achieve great looking results.

When it comes to cleaning roofs, Bob and Dan explain that “roofs in general should never be power washed because the pressure can harm the shingles by tearing them.

The shingle’s life can be shortened dramatically by using high pressure because it removes the granulates that are on them. That’s why we use low pressure, and chemically wash them, which doesn’t harm them at all. A low pressure, chemical wash is the recommended way of cleaning them, according to the shingle manufacturer.”

In addition to cleaning “tens of thousands” of homes, decks, walkways, driveways, and outdoor furniture, Mr. T’s also power washes apartment buildings and condominium units. The largest job that Bob recalls doing was the pressure washing of the garbage sorting facility located at the end of Murphy Rd. in Hartford, Connecticut. “Some other jobs we have done are underground jet fuel storage facilities at Pratt and Whitney, and a huge concrete septic tank located at a high school. Both of those jobs required special suits and breathing apparatus.”

As for other unusual cleaning projects, Linda and Jess recall cleaning the weight scales at garbage dumps, the inside of cow transport trailers, the inside of garbage trucks and the inside of recycling trucks.

For Jess, the best part of the job is hearing from a happy customer. The worst part, she says, is having to tell customers that they do have to close over the winter. Speaking of which, although the power washing is seasonal, the family members manage to keep busy during the cold weather months. For instance, Bob has delivered fuel oil for the same company for many years. Dan also delivers fuel oil, works in the office of a mechanic’s garage, and for an arborist. Jess bakes desserts and other treats for friends and family.

Now that another spring season is upon us, the Tofolowsky family is looking forward to getting back to their power washing jobs. Bob acknowledges that, “our roles in the company are reversing. I’m nearing retirement, and the kids can take over from there.” But until that happens, he will continue to enjoy the best parts of the job, which for him are “seeing siding transform from a grungy mess to siding that is clean. The second is meeting different people, hearing different life stories, and making at least one person smile or laugh, every day.”

Mr. T’s offers discounts for veterans, active duty service members, and senior citizens, as well as coupons which can be found in GO Local magazine. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy a sparkling clean start to the season!

Mr. T’s Power Wash is located in Tolland, Connecticut
860-872-2729 or 860-851-9432 •

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