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"SOLD!" at Golden Gavel

8/30/2018 |


While driving down North Road into East Windsor, Connecticut, one may see businesses such as a coffee shop, an Italian restaurant and a cell phone store. But one business truly stands out and draws the attention of those passing by. A large sign located just outside of a huge parking lot reads “Golden Gavel Auctions.” The curiosity of what wonders may be held inside is enticing. You never know what items will be found at the auctions next, and you may find a true treasure. While television programs featuring auctions can be found on numerous networks, some may wonder what they are really like.

They are about the fast-paced, thrilling environment. Just take a look inside during one of their weekly auctions. A snack bar filled with delicious snacks will give you the fuel to bid away. Large television screens decorate the location, making it easier to see what antiques are currently being featured to visitors. The auction hall, which can seat over 350 guests, is filled with a big crowd waiting in anticipation to see which item auctioneer Ralph Labozzo will shout out bids for next.

This is what drives Golden Gavel Auctions, owned by auctioneer and appraiser Patrick Soucy. Building on a passion for antiques starting at the young age of thirteen, Patrick has brought antiques to the Connecticut area for decades. Finding its permanent home in a renovated former grocery store in 2004, the location has become a bountiful spot for auction attendees. With the help of a dedicated staff, Golden Gavel comes alive each week.

While most teenagers were enjoying typical leisure activities, Patrick found joy in selling antiques and household items as well as learning all about them. He opened his first antique business when he turned eighteen. Gaining field experience while consecutively educating himself toward his profession, Patrick is certainly an expert, graduating from the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. Patrick is also a member of the National Auctioneers Association and of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. Adding a certification as a USPAP appraiser, Patrick has the know-how and dedication to the business that makes Golden Gavel Auctions flourish.

Teaming up with Patrick is auctioneer, appraiser and USPAP certified appraiser Ralph Labozzo, who brings over 20 years of experience to Golden Gavel. Each week, he ensures all auction goers have a great experience. With education including a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Connecticut, graduate from Missouri Auction School, and a certification in American Arts at New York Sotheby’s Institute of Art, you can be sure you’re in good hands both when selling and buying at Golden Gavel Auctions.

There are several opportunities to purchase treasures at Golden Gavel. Golden Gavel holds 70 auctions annually. Their 18,000 square foot auction house is necessary for the numerous items that go to auction each week. Golden Gavel has auctioned items such as furniture, medical equipment, video games and accessories, coins, jewelry and comic books. The possibilities are endless for avid collectors and newcomers alike.

While auctions can seem to be an intimidating experience, the public is welcome to join Golden Gavel during any of their auctions. Held at 7pm every Thursday, it doesn’t matter if attendants have years of experience or are just curious, it can be a thrilling time for all! You don’t have to dive right in at 7pm, Golden Gavel opens its doors for a preview at 2pm weekly, offering guests the chance to observe each item that will be auctioned that day. Guests can hold items as well as speak to the helpful staff about each item’s value, including Patrick and Ralph. Often, there are also additional experts on site who are available to ask questions to. You’ll never feel like you don’t understand your purchase with their help.

Golden Gavel is the perfect place to find a deal. For example, if you’re looking for some new furniture, items such as dining room tables and chairs can auction for less than half of their retail value, making it the ideal place to stop before heading for the home store.

Once the auction begins at 7pm, it can be a high-energy event. Ralph shouts the bids seamlessly, raising the energy of the room. Often, between 80 and 100 items are sold per hour. This makes the preview useful, so you don’t miss out on an item you may desire by thinking about potential quality or pricing. By the end of the evening most, if not all, of what can be 100 items depending on the auction, will be cleared from the property.

Golden Gavel offers unique ways for bidders to make an offer. The standard is to physically visit the auction house during the auction, but bids can also be place via phone or on the internet during one of their quarterly auctions. Bidders may also bring written bids on auction day during the early preview. There are no limits to how patrons can win the item of their choosing!

Golden Gavel also offers their services to assist in selling items. They have a dedicated staff that packs, moves and sweeps houses and estates. They will provide you with a written appraisal and sell your items during one of their numerous auctions. No matter what you’re looking to sell, Golden Gavel has you covered. They personally move all “for sale” items back to the auction house, making it easy for sellers to clear their properties.

While Patrick and the staff at Golden Gavel Auctions are passionate about antiques and auctions, they also dedicate their services to several charities. Annually, between 10-14 charity sales are held. This dedication was recognized this year by the East Windsor Chamber of Commerce when they named Golden Gavel Auctions the 2018 East Windsor Business of the Year. During the East Windsor Chamber of Commerce’s 22nd Annual Meeting held at Elizabeth’s Bar and Restaurant, Patrick was presented with the award by East Windsor Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jimbo Richards. He also accepted a Proclamation from the State of Connecticut presented by State Representative Christopher Davis. The award was well-deserved, as Patrick gave a speech about the importance of helping charity as a business.

Are you curious to see what’s in store at Golden Gavel Auctions? Just stop on by, you’ll be sure to have an experience that’s good as gold! Newcomer or experienced attendant, there’s fun in store for everyone.

While auctions can be visited every week, Golden Gavel can also be found on Facebook at, where they frequently post photos of items up for grabs, or by visiting Golden Gavel Auctions is located at 149 North Rd, Route 140, East Windsor, Connecticut.

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