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10/4/2018 | Chris Maza


For Mark Avery, patience and perseverance are finally paying off. As Avery, founder and head brewer of Two Weeks Notice Brewing Company stands in the midst of the brew system, fermenters and brite tanks in his new West Springfield brew house, he reflects on how far he’s come.

Avery had anticipated Two Weeks Notice would open last year in a completely different location in Westfield, but it all came to an abrupt halt when he and his former business partner decided to part ways.

“I seriously thought about putting away this dream,” he recalls. “I thought about just hanging it up, giving up, and just going to brew for somebody else.”

But support from the craft beer community – including fellow brewers – along with his family, and friends convinced him to press on. With his new partner, Derek Upson, Avery and Two Weeks Notice are brewing beer.

“There’s a few times where I’ve actually stopped and said to myself, ‘This is actually going to happen! We’re actually going to have a brewery finally!’” Avery laughs. “I kind of feel like I’ve been stringing people along. There has been a lot of anxiousness. There’s more on the line than there ever was. But with the support I’ve had with everything, through everything, I feel more confident than I ever did moving forward.”

The new brewery, located at 89 Baldwin Street in West Springfield, just a stone’s throw from the Eastern States Exposition, is still very much a work in progress with room to grow. The expansive warehouse and cold storage facility has needed a complete overhaul, performed primarily by Avery and friends over the past several months.

“It’s funny because when I look back at this place I think, ‘Wow, this was really kind of a dump,’” Avery laughs. “We looked at it in the winter time and it was freezing in here. Like 20 degrees every time we came in here and I couldn’t wait to get out. It was just a matter of imagining things big picture-wise. We knew it was going to be a ton of work, but I think it’s all going to be worth it.”

He adds, “We’re in a great location. It’s pretty centrally located to the highway and to Springfield, just over the river.”

The Two Weeks Notice building will eventually feature a full tap room and large “liquor store style” walk-in cooler for retail customers.

Business has begun on a small scale. Using a 3.5-barrel brewing system, the plan is to offer can sales one day a week while the company works to build out the taproom, which is anticipated to be open by sometime this winter. Avery has the brew house set up to handle rapid expansion as Two Weeks Notice continues to grow with fermenters ranging in size from 3.5 barrels to 10 barrels.
As for the beer itself, Avery says the list of offerings will grow as the brewery does.

“A lot of the time we’ll be IPA-driven. Being a New England brewery, obviously you’re going to expect a lot of IPAs. Once the taproom gets rolling, you can probably expect a lot more different styles – pilsners, lagers, saisons, old English bitters that I’m really looking forward to brewing. It should be fun.”

89 Baldwin Street • West Springfield, MA

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