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2021-03-01 | G. Michael Dobbs


The great Russian author Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

Truer words have never been uttered.

Perhaps it’s due to my suffering through the sometimes-challenging New England winters, but I think the first day of spring should be a holiday in my opinion.

It could be a day-off that folks could use to plant gardens and clean homes.

Years ago an old farmer once told my parents – both of whom loved gardening – that no one should plant anything outside until Memorial Day. He was cautious as the opportunity for an April snowstorm is always looming.

I think that’s why back in the 1960s and ‘70s my parents always used “Hot Kaps,” mini-greenhouses for plants. Made of heavy waxed paper, the Kaps helped maintain heat and protection for young plants.

They still make them I recently discovered. I’ll probably order some.

I’ve already started tackling spring-cleaning chores. If you’re like me you have an extra refrigerator in the basement or the garage. The one we have is used for Christmas and Thanksgiving overflow and for beer for gatherings.

In other words, I don’t pay too much attention to it.

Well, I looked inside and saw a bunch of outdated beer and the roasting pan with a turkey carcass I intended to make into broth for turkey soup.

I had forgotten entirely about it – for months.

The beers had to be tossed and the roasting pan was scrubbed into submission. The ‘fridge is now empty and I’m going to pull the plug on it for the time being.

I’ve also started assembling items for a spring tag sale. I’ve moved items from shelves and drawers into boxes ready to go. I just have to figure when to do it and how to social distance it.

Now it’s time to start the yard work. I’ve picked up the garbage that has blown into the front yard and the things our neighbors toss into our back yard.

I still have plenty of leaves to move. We leave them on the ground through the winter because they are vital to the successful survival for insects such as butterflies and moths as well as a host of animals.

Check out to see why.

When I do rake them up I mulch them to create compost for the garden in the back yard.

In fact, this year we are allowing part of our back yard to go “wild” in order to create an environment good for beneficial insets and other creatures.

I’ve got to wash and waterproof our deck this year as well. The list is increasing every day, which is pretty normal for spring.

One of the businesses highlight is this edition is an institution for gardeners: Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield. This is one of those garden shops that truly has everything and is a must location for gardeners of all types.

Helpful advice is also a hallmark for the center.

It may be a lot of work, when you’re sitting out back on a warm day but it’s worth it.

- G. Michael Dobbs, Managing Editor

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