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5/1/2019 | Stephanie Trombley


Located inside a small strip mall in South Windsor is an authentic Italian bakery with a community charm. As soon as customers open the door and step inside Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery, they can expect to be greeted with both the aroma of delectable baked goods and a warm hello from owner Jenny Beaurivage. If you’ve been there before, you might just be greeted by your first name.

“I love my customers. I just think they’re great. I almost know every single customer by first name. It’s a nice community here. I have really nice customers,” Jenny said.

It was just weeks before Easter when Go Local met with Jenny and the bakery was filled with vibrant bunny and popping pastel egg decorations, welcoming those from outside the doors to stroll in and try a delicious treat for the holiday. A large chocolate Easter egg wrapped in golden foil stood proudly by the cafe tables, inviting patrons to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to take it home for Easter. Giuseppina’s was bustling with customers around lunchtime on a Wednesday, the bell jingling at the door just a couple of minutes apart. The phone rang at least four times in just a half an hour. As Jenny assisted each customer with their requests, each of them walked out the door after a personal conversation and kind service. It was clear that she is the proprietor of a true community bakery.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for many years. My sister worked at an Italian bakery in Hartford and I was seeing that her talent was being wasted. But life kind of happened and I put my dream on hold. In the last six or seven years, I said ‘I’m just going to do this.’ I did what I needed to do,” Jenny said.

Pasqualina Fitzpatrick, Jenny’s sister, has since utilized her baking skills as part of Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery. Jenny’s business partner, Neal Devaux, is also a baker. Jenny’s daughter, Brianna, is a cake decorator and assists her mother with the storefront. The bakery has been open since September 2015.

The bakery is named in honor of Jenny’s mother. “We named the bakery after my mom, Giuseppina. She was not a baker, but just in her memory. She’s not here today to see this, but we just wanted to name it after her,” Jenny explained.

Display cases at the front of the bakery are packed with sweet and savory offerings such as cannoli, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, cream puffs, cheesecake, Italian cookies, carrot cake, ricotta pie, fruit pies, turnovers, danish, scones, thick crust pizza, Italian bread, rolls, cupcakes and cake pops. Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery has a menu that is seemingly endless.

“We have a lot of stuff here. It’s not just Italian. We touch on other baked goods. Like if somebody comes in here with a request for a cake that’s not on the menu, we’re more than happy to accommodate them,” Jenny said.

The bakery has created a number of custom cakes including photo cakes, unicorn cakes and Barbie doll cakes.

Whether it’s found in the display case or made just for the customer, Jenny said it’s always fresh and delicious. “We use the finest, freshest ingredients in our products. We don’t skimp on anything,” Jenny shared.

Jenny said owning the business has been time consuming, but it always pays off when she sees her customers. “It’s hard work and long hours, but it’s rewarding at the end of the day because you hear customers come in here and say, ‘No more going to Hartford for Italian pastries because we have them this side of the river.’ We get a lot of compliments about how our stuff is fresh and our cakes are phenomenal. They go to parties and have our cakes. They come in here and they’re like ‘I was at a party and I had your cake. It was amazing and I’m here to order one. It’s nice to hear that customers come in from word of mouth,” Jenny shared.

Before Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery opened nearly four years ago, Jenny said authentic Italian bakeries were difficult to come across. Many local customers expressed having to travel to Hartford to enjoy Italian baked goods. She felt it was time to bring an Italian bakery to patrons located in South Windsor. “South Windsor was in need of an Italian bakery. The fact that people don’t have to travel far and we are local is great. I’m a resident of South Windsor and I think it’s a really good place,” Jenny shared.

When asked what she sees for the future of Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery, Jenny said she hopes to stay small and be a member of the community, learning more names and making more friends. “We’re not going to expand. We’re just going to stay small and personal. I think once you expand, you just lose that. We’re going to just stay here in the area, hopefully getting more of a customer base so people don’t have to travel. Our products are fresh, we have a variety, we’re very accommodating. We just want to remain in this location and remain in South Windsor,” Jenny said.

She continued, “We want to stay small and just work on producing quality, fresh products. I think once you expand, you lose the purpose of why you originally started.” Being a part of the community and following her dreams were Jenny’s purpose for opening Giuseppina’s.

With a shop full of authentic and expansive goods, Jenny and the staff at Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery have brought a slice of Italy home to South Windsor.

“We’re just a small business. We love to please our customers. Whenever we put anything in the showcase, we have to make sure it’s perfect. Perfection, presentation, I think that’s all very important for a small business. And customer service, that’s very important too. You can have good product, but if you’re not good to your customers, then it’s not worth it,” Jenny said.

Jenny continued, “When a customer comes in and they give you positive feedback, it makes you feel like ‘Okay it was worth working so many hours per day. It’s long hours, it’s hard work. But when customers come in and give you positive feedback, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery is located at 946 Sullivan Avenue in South Windsor. The bakery is closed Mondays and open Tuesdays through Fridays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. To contact Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery, call 860-432-0251. Visit for more information. Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery can also be found on Facebook by visiting

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