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4/30/2020 | Allison Litera


Being stuck inside is no fun, especially if you’re a youngster full of energy and curiosity. Here are some fun suggestions from local moms if you need inspiration to entertain your children beyond turning
on the TV.

Since my guy is little (just turned 2), we’ve been doing lots of coloring, puzzles, and walks outside! - Paula L.

We like building forts and doing scavenger hunts during our walks. - Nikki C.

Lots of walks and fresh air. - Jennifer L.

Sidewalk chalk and outdoor walks for my little guy. I also started potty training! My nephews have been enjoying outdoor obstacle courses too. - Sheri S.

I have a 10-month old, so shaving cream and food coloring in a kiddie pool! - Mia C.

We like to make vision boards using newspaper and magazine cutouts. - Jenelle S.

Puzzles, painting, virtual field trips, walks, helping with chores, manicures/pedicures, educational games on Leapfrog, sidewalk chalk, playing in tent, “helping” me work from home. - Beth B.

Outdoor scavenger hunts and crafts. - Shelley M.

Making crafts (rainbows, bunnies, butterflies, flowers), shaving cream art, GoNoodle® dance parties (, painting, bubbles, LEGO, play kitchen, playing outside in our yard when it’s warm out. - Rebecca S.

With an infant, it’s a little hard to keep a variety going. But lots of tummy time, sticking to nap schedules, and taking this opportunity to play with different foods for her to try. - Karla R.

We made an obstacle course with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and rode our bikes around on it. - Lauren W.

For indoor exercise, we have been doing Cosmic Kids Yoga (find them on YouTube). Other than that, a lot of painting, ABCMouse (, and printable worksheets. - Jenn D.

School work here and there, cooking hands-on lunches like make-your-own pizzas. Go for walks when the weather is nice. - Sandy B.

I have the challenge of working from home while entertaining a 3-year-old and 5-year-old. Here is what I find to be working: we have created a schedule and put it on the wall. We do school work, creative work, we go outside, do Cosmic Kids Yoga, and have quiet time and free play. They help me cook and we make cleaning fun. - Lydia B.

Keeping a one-year-old focused on anything is challenge. I’m thinking about creating a little indoor obstacle course for her! Right now, we are just learning how to pick up our toys after a toddler tornado! - Liz W.

Our teachers have been amazing at providing work for each one. It’s extra challenging, like others mentioned, to balance work and homeschooling 3 kids at different learning levels (PreK, 3rd grade and 5th Grade) so I made a daily schedule that we follow. For fun activities to keep things from being too boring the boys get to Google ‘kid friendly science experiments’ and we do one of those a day. We are also making natural bath bombs and going to drop off on the porches of friends/family. They make their lunch menu each week and then help cook. In the nicer weather, we explore the outdoors and learn about nature. - Andrea B.N.

I have set up stations for my son (just turned 1) around the house with a different sensory or skill. I rotate him through every time I have a different meeting. New meeting, new station. Seems to work! - Chrissy K.

We love to bake together! - Rachel C.

The Dollar Store has a bunch of small craft materials like Play-Doh and painting materials. We made a planet mobile, we’ve been playing a lot of games like grocery store, tea party, and hopscotch. We have dance parties (good exercise for parents too) and play backyard whiffle ball when it’s warm enough. Oh and baking! She’s been helping me bake bread almost daily. - Coleen D.

We used cutouts from old home and garden magazines and created our “dream homes” inside of cardboard boxes by gluing the cutouts. - Victoria K.

I purchased a bunch of preschool activity books, arts and crafts, and an easel for paint time. I also temporarily signed up for ABCMouse ( I set a schedule for our week days and we pretend we are still at school. My girls even call me “teacher.” We do the workbooks in the morning, and then after lunch go to “PE” three times a week where we find dance and/or kids’ yoga on YouTube (or I create silly obstacle courses). We visit the “library” twice a week where we pick out books to read from our own collection. Sometimes during that time, we will listen to the celebrities that are reading books to kids online too ( Then we mix in arts and crafts everywhere in between. - Theona G.

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