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1/30/2020 | Keith O'Connor


Growing up, Lyn Fioravanti’s family always gave their homemade biscotti and pizzelle away to friends for Christmas.

“We would hear the same thing every time. ‘These biscotti and pizzelle are so delicious’ and ‘You can't buy Italian cookies that taste as good as yours do anywhere.’ And even ‘You should market these,’” she said.

So, in 2018 Fioravanti granted their wishes and launched Baker's Lane Biscotti.

“I do it as a way to honor my family members who took the time to pass this tradition down to my generation,” she said.

As a registered dietitian, Fioravanti wanted to offer a simply-made, all-natural delicious product as an alternative to the highly- processed items available.

“When treats are homemade, like my biscotti and pizzelle, I can control what goes in them and feel good about having them. I like offering them so others can enjoy them and can rest assured that they are free from additives, preservatives, colors and artificial ingredients,” she said.

The recipe was handed down from her Sicilian family – Fioravanti’s mother’s father is from Sciacca, Sicily. Her maternal grandmother’s family was from Sciacca as well.

“My grandmother always had a canister with pizzelle or biscotti in her pantry that she would offer to us. When my mother was growing up, my grandmother would devote one day a week to baking. She was a fabulous baker who would make up her own recipes. My mother, my aunts, my sister – we all use her recipes,” Fioravanti said.

Asked what is different about her biscotti and pizzelle, Fioravanti replied, “Just about everything.”

They are made in small batches with only 7 ingredients, using only real butter, nothing artificial, and no preservatives.

“The store-bought products, and even at some bakeries, may use oil or margarine, preservatives, and licorice flavors. We use only anise seed and anise extract, this is the authentic Sicilian way,” Fioravanti said.

The biscotti are hand cut and twice-baked to achieve a delicate, crisp texture that is not too hard or crumbly.

“The flavor is subtle and just right, not overpowering like some brands. The pizzelle are the perfect thickness, texture and flavor, not thick and soft like some varieties. I have received feedback from different customers that Baker's Lane Biscotti are better than other Italian bakeries that they have frequented,” Fioravanti said.

Currently her biscotti and pizzelle are both anise flavored, which is the traditional recipe.

“Last Christmas I had requests for chocolate, peppermint and chocolate-dipped biscotti, which I made. They all sold well, so they may become holiday staples. I also plan to make almond biscotti, as it seems to be a popular flavor that people are familiar with. I would like to test gluten-free recipes as I have had requests for that as well,” said Fioravanti.

Fioravanti lives in Ludlow and bakes out of the kitchen of her church – the First Church of Monson, UCC.

“It was such a joy to have an out-of-the-box idea like that be met with such enthusiasm and excitement from my pastor, Reverend Peter Johnston, the trustees, the treasurer and the Outreach Committee. The members of the congregation have been so supportive, buying and placing orders for boxes and party trays. Since they allow me to bake in the certified kitchen, I give 10 percent of all my sales back to the church as an ongoing fundraiser,” she said. Baker's Lane Biscotti can be found at the Northampton Farmers' Market in the Northampton Senior Center on 67 Conz St. every other Saturday starting January 4.

Orders can also be placed on the website or by email at

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