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8/31/2022 | HOPE E. TROMBLEY


Batch Ice Cream Deb and Dave LeRiche know that a good base is the foundation for a good marriage, and good ice cream.

The couple owns Batch Ice Cream, a New England company that started in Boston and now has its headquarters in Longmeadow where the family resides.

Batch was founded in Boston in 2010, and when the LeRiches were engaged and searching for something unique to have at their 2018 wedding, they came across Batch.

“We were looking forward to our new chapter, and decided to look for something we could do together,” said Deb. “This beautiful artisanal ice cream company came across our path. We met with the previous owners, bought all the flavors we could find and brought them home. We were amazed at the taste...and how different it was from every other ice cream out there. After passing the ultimate taste test, our children's -- we have 5 - we jumped in!

“We served Batch at our wedding reception on April 21 to rave reviews, and became official owners of the company a few weeks later.” The LeRiches knew Batch Ice Cream was special.

“What makes us different and so good is the same answer... the ingredients,” said Deb. “Our base is custom, not the standard commercial base that many ice cream companies use. We have it made for us with our own recipe, which includes organic and fair trade cane sugar, cocoas, and chocolates. The ingredients we use for the different flavors is carefully sourced and beautiful! What's equally important is what we don't put in the ice cream.”

Deb said at Batch, they don't use gums, carrageenans, corn syrup or anything artificial.

“Our ice cream is super premium (16% butterfat) creamy and delicious,” she said.

Batch will offer seasonal flavors this fall.

“We are planning to offer some special fall flavors in our shops, including cinnamon and pumpkin pie,” said Deb. “We are also designing a warm apple pie sundae. Our ginger ice cream is absolutely delicious and perfectly pairs with all the seasonal fall pie flavors.”

Since purchasing Batch Ice Cream, the LeRiches have grown the distribution of Batch from primarily grocery stores in the Boston area to over 300 stores across New England.

“We also have opened two scoop shops and operate two scoop trucks for events,” said Deb.

Deb, a registered nurse for over 35 years, had no experience in the food industry, but knew good ice cream when she tasted it. Dave has many years of experience in the food industry, working with major companies as a leader in sales and distribution.

“This has been invaluable to our pint business and growth in grocery stores,” said Deb. “We have been fortunate to develop wonderful relationships with several local businesses, both chains and independent stores, that support local, family owned small business.”

The LeRiches bought their first scoop truck in 2019 and began attending local festivals and events that summer. The Longmeadow Shops requested they come
to their parking lot weekly through the summer.

“We were there every Tuesday, which became one of our busiest days of the week,” said Deb. “The following summer as we were wrapping up our season, the management at the Shops asked if we would like to try a pop up shop in an available space they had. This was October of 2020. Dave said ‘absolutely,’ I said ‘no... there's a pandemic, it's winter, New England and we are selling ice cream, it's crazy!’ Well, Dave won and the pop up shop was so well received, eventually the Longmeadow Shops offered us a smaller permanent space in the plaza. Our first permanent shop opened June 2021.“

A few months later a second Batch shop opened at the Village Commons in South Hadley.

Deb and Dave said they “are so thankful to our customers for all of their support and warm reception of our family business.”

The Batch Ice Cream Shop in Longmeadow serves super premium Batch Ice Cream as well as sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream cookie sandwiches, freshly made waffle cones and whipped cream. Batch has 22 flavors of ice cream including vegan, dairy free options and special seasonal flavors.

(413) 754-3055 • BATCHICECREAM.COM

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