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3/1/2019 | Stephanie Trombley


Upon finding a table at the Stafford Coffee Company in Stafford, Cindy Boyle set up two pieces on the table: a brochure holder and business card holder. “I made these!” she said excitedly. Each piece was constructed to look like an archway.

The handiwork shown on the pieces, constructed from popsicle sticks, were only a small example of the work Cindy can do.

A self-described “Jill of All Trades,” Cindy is the owner of Archway Arbors, a business focused on “affordable elegance for your occasion.” Alongside her husband, Larry, Cindy constructs archways that are available to rent for $250 delivered, including setup and breakdown.

After retiring in 2018 from a fourteen-year career at University of Connecticut in trades that included plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring and carpentry, Cindy decided it was time to execute an idea she had been keeping.

“I always told people at UCONN that when I retired, I was going to go into my own business. Everyone kept asking me what, and I thought it was such a good idea that I didn’t really want to tell them because I thought they would steal my idea, but I did tell them I wanted to make archways and rent them,” Cindy said.

A mother of six children, Cindy began creating one-of-a-kind archway arbors for her children to use in their weddings. So far, Cindy has built archways for four of her children.

Cindy was married to her husband under an archway she created.  They didn’t have a place of their own yet and had to give away the arch, something that has inspired Cindy in her business today. “I ended up giving it away to the neighbors because we didn’t have a house of our own and that is one of the main reasons. When kids get married, they don’t necessarily have a place of their own yet. It makes more sense to rent them,” Cindy said.

With a lack of room and the stress of college debt, renting archways at a reasonable price is Cindy’s way of helping young adults have one less thing to worry about to contribute to a beautiful wedding.

“The archway adds elegance. It adds uniqueness to a very special day. It’s very special for them, they’re getting married and it’s supposed to last forever. I’m a giver. I want to give them something on that day that they don’t have to worry about. That causes no stress. That it’s going to be there and it’s going to be beautiful,” Cindy said.

Cindy prides herself on delivering the archways on time and making sure her customers are completely happy.

“I want to deliver it and set it up and what I want you to do, is I want you to decorate it. If you called me up the night before and said, ‘Cindy, I can’t get it decorated.’ I would come and help because that’s how I am. I would take my flowers and help,” Cindy said.

Cindy brings her own creativity to each archway. She has repurposed items such as baby cribs to create one-of-a-kind archways. For one of her daughters who had a western themed wedding, Cindy created an archway with fake horns.

Giving others the chance to be creative in their own weddings has contributed to how happy Cindy is to own her business.

“I’m always really interested in seeing how people decorate them. I let the girls have at it or the wedding party and they just adore doing that as part of their setup and maybe the night before when you get everyone together for the rehearsal dinner, the archway will be there and they can decorate it at that time. That gives it uniqueness to your wedding. It may be the same archway, but they’re all going to be different. It’s entirely up to you,” Cindy said.

Cindy said she is happy to help there be one less stress for brides and grooms to worry about on their wedding day. “We’ve been to weddings where they drop the wedding cake, where the caterer almost doesn’t show up and who needs that? You don’t need that getting married. You want your ducks in a row and you want to be able to sleep at night. You worry about the dress, the venue, the caterer and the flowers. Everything costs a fortune. I just think, ‘What can you do to give somebody a step up or help at a beautiful time?’ They deserve it,” Cindy said.

When the couple comes together under the archway, everything comes full circle for Cindy. “My favorite part is to see them underneath this saying their vows with the preacher. All three of you can fit under this or as a backdrop. It’s beautiful,” Cindy said.

Between weddings, Cindy is embracing retirement with joy. She creates items such as necklaces, earrings and walking sticks that can be found at Artful Annie’s in Stafford.  She enjoys taking walks with her family and spending time with her Shih Tzu.  Cindy also participates in town as part of the conservation committee. “I’m my own boss. I have a fun life now. My little dog and I go everywhere,” Cindy shared.

As her business expands, Cindy hopes to attend bridal shows and farmers’ markets in the future to promote her creations. For right now, Cindy is enjoying life and happily helping people have a special day. She hopes to continue to be a part of local weddings. “I feel like I’m a part of the wedding, like I did it. And I helped make that day beautiful.”

Currently, Cindy has three archway styles available. Custom archway arbor commissions are available for purchase with six months advanced notice and the price may vary. Cindy also creates pressure-treated archways that can be kept as part of the couple’s yard. Cindy said, “If the couple really, really wanted that. If they felt like, ‘This is mine and I got married under it and it means a lot to me,’ I would take the $250 rental price off the total cost of it,” Cindy shared.

For more information on Archway Arbors, please visit
For inquires, contact Cindy Boyle at 860-684-6842 or by email at

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