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5/1/2019 | Stephanie Trombley


Life can be filled with clutter. A cluttered home, a cluttered to-do list, or even just a cluttered mind can have an effect on wellbeing.

Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman has helped those dealing with all kinds of clutter in her career as a professional organizer and Reiki master. After speaking with a friend at a networking event, Carleen discovered her passion for helping others through Reiki.

“Reiki has been a part of my life for many years now. Working as a professional organizer often involved long days filled with hands-on moving, decluttering and packing. I heard about Reiki through a friend I met at a networking event. It intrigued me, so I decided to take a class or two. I discovered Reiki to be beneficial to help keep me calm and focused during my long work days and in 2014, I received my Reiki master certification,” Carleen shared.

Reiki is a healing technique of Japanese origin. The word Reiki itself is a combination of the Japanese words Rei, which means “Universal Life” and Ki, which means “Energy.” Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion. During a Reiki session, the client will lay upon a massage table while the Reiki practitioner holds their hands above them. Through a channeling of energy, Reiki is believed to help the client’s overall wellbeing.

While Reiki is typically performed on humans, Reiki can also be practiced on dogs. Carleen decided to implement her love for animals into her career as a Reiki master. “I started my business off slowly, volunteering at various places. While I was building my business, I realized that I could take my love for dogs and put that to good use as well,” Carleen shared.

She continued, “Often times Reiki practitioners use their practical training to work with dogs not realizing that the process with them is much different from working with humans. I wanted to make sure that I received the proper training in order to have sessions that were beneficial for the pet.”

Carleen traveled to Boston and received a certification in canine Reiki, later working at a rehabilitation facility. “I really enjoyed that work. I saw all types of dogs with different issues like torn ACL, bad back, arthritis, to name a few. Plus, I got to pet the dogs and who doesn’t like that?” Carleen shared.

After some time at the canine rehabilitation facility, Carleen focused her business on working with humans by working in locations such as an integrative health group and local spa. “While I enjoyed working at those places and meeting lots of people, I was working for someone else and not for myself,” Carleen said.

Carleen traveled to Phoenix, Arizona in 2016 to receive a certification in chakra scanning and balancing. Upon her return to Western Massachusetts, she received a call from Wellness Within in East Longmeadow, offering her the opportunity to work on their team.

Wellness Within is a group of professionals trained in services such as Psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage therapy, homeopathy and Reiki. Their goal is to promote overall wellness in clients. While Carleen is a part of the Wellness Within team, she works under her personal business, Carleen Hoffman Holistic Healing.

“What I enjoy about Wellness Within is the variety of practitioners we have. From mental health to massage and yoga, each one is expertly trained in their specific field. We even have an angel card reader! The practitioners that make up our team are passionate about what they do and sincerely care about those coming through our door,” Carleen shared.

For Carleen, having a strong relationship with the Wellness Within team has been positive. “For me, being a part of Wellness Within has been great! We all get along extremely well and don’t hesitate to knock on each other’s door for advice about our practices. In between clients, you may find us doing a little dance in our hall or exchanging jokes,” Carleen said.

Carleen shared that it is important to remember that Reiki is not focused on religion. “I take a practical approach to my Reiki business by taking the ‘woo hoo’ out of it. Reiki is not about religion or what you believe or don’t believe in,” Carleen said.
During a typical Reiki session with Carleen, clients are asked to lie on a Reiki table fully clothed. “I start by setting out my intention to offer healing, and then scan the body with my hands just above tofeel for variations in body heat and vibration. When I feel those, it lets me know the areas I need to focus on,” Carleen explained.

Each session takes into consideration the client’s specific needs. “Each session includes soothing music to calm the mind, thermal towel therapy to relax the body, and energy work to renew the spirit.Depending on the need, sessions may include chakra balancing, crystal healing, and essential oil aromatherapy. I like to ensure that clients leave feeling completely pampered,” Carleen said.

She also continues to practice canine Reiki. These sessions typically take place in the pet’s home. Reiki is believed to help dogs with stress, anxiety and fear from thunderstorms. Carleen also offered in-office sessions to help reduce stress in the workplace.

Carleen said each client is different and may not feel positive affects right away, but should feel relaxed. “What they will notice is a feeling of deep relaxation. There is no set number of treatments,” Carleen explained.

In 2014, Carleen was named Business Woman of the Year by the Women Business Owners Alliance of the Pioneer Valley and in 2015, she was named one of the Top 25 Women to Watch in Western Massachusetts. “It was really exciting. Business Woman of the Year blew my mind. I was so excited and honored to receive that. Women to Watch was exciting as well because it was an award given to me as a new business owner. They recognized I was one of the pioneers for starting Reiki in Western Massachusetts. There are lot more Reiki practitioners up in Northern areas,” Carleen shared.

Carleen continued, “I think it’s important that women in business are recognized, because a lot of times, we’re not seen. I’m happy to help people live a better life.”

Carleen has begun offering healing stone bracelets charged with Reiki, including some implementing stones from pieces of her mother’s jewelry. “I like the idea of creating something pretty to wear yet functional for the person wearing it. I like to use stones and crystals, mixed with recycled or vintage beads to make each bracelet unique. Incorporating lava rock allows the person wearing it to apply their favorite essential oil,” Carleen shared. She has also begun working on body butter and lip balm formulas.

Next time you feel like you need to relieve some stress and revive your mental wellbeing, step into the calming room of Carleen Hoffman to enjoy the benefits of a Reiki session.

To schedule a Reiki session, please contact Carleen Hoffman at 413-525-7345 or

For more information and to view upcoming classes, visit or visit Wellness Within on Facebook at Wellness Within, LLC.

Wellness Within can be reached at 413-209-7796
200 North Main Street • South Building, Suite 17
East Longmeadow, MA

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