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2/1/2019 | Stephanie Trombley


Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. Every year, I witness at least one person walk by a Valentine’s Day display in the store and sneer. Or I will audibly hear “Yuck! I hate Valentines!” Why all of the hard feelings for Cupid’s day?

Maybe it’s just me. I’ve always been a sucker for a good love story. When I was younger, I would watch A Wedding Story on TLC with my mother and stare in awe at the sparkling white gowns and lavish decorations. I had a play set of a wedding cake, complete with the tiny bride and groom on top. Even as I got older, I couldn’t resist love stories from novels like Twilight or Vampire Kisses. There was something magical about love.

This month, many people have love on their mind, for better or for worse. But love isn’t just for couples. For example, I love writing, Halloween decorations and comfy sweaters. I love coffee, traveling, and candles. Even if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, surely you are feeling the love for something!

Mark Chapin from East Longmeadow’s Rocket Boy Cat Sitting loves the animals he cares for every day. The dedicated staff at Broad Brook Gardens in South Windsor love creating one-of-a-kind arrangements and floral pieces for their loyal customers. Cathie Walz of The Blue Marble in Northampton loves bringing fair trade gifts to her shop and leaving customers with a smile.

Love is certainly in the air, no matter how you feel about the mushy holiday. Even if the sight of pink and red doily-covered hearts makes your stomach turn and just the thought of boxed chocolates makes your teeth hurt, I challenge Go Local readers to find what they love this month and embrace it.

Still not feeling it? Maybe a silly love story will do the trick. My mother often tells me stories about my great-grandparents and their unique outlook on the day. They wouldn’t buy gifts for each other until Feb. 15, when the half-off sales hit the shelves. They didn’t buy cards; they simply showed each other which card they would pick while standing in the store to save some cash. It may be strange to some, but I find their unique perspective endearing. It may be because they came from the era of the Great Depression, but I like to think it’s just because they were a little quirky. That’s why I loved them.

If you’re still not feeling the love, at least the Super Bowl is coming up. That’s something to love about this month. Go Pats! I’ll see you in March.

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