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5/1/2019 | Stephanie Trombley


My mom is my absolute best friend for so many reasons.

I moved out of my childhood home in 2018 and since then we video chat every single day, even if there’s not much to talk about. The best part? Who knows what she’s calling me about when the phone rings. It could be to show me her new mini cheesecake pan or just because she wants to see her “grand-cat.”

Seeing her face light up when she sees her favorite animal (a giraffe,) and hearing her explain why they have ossicones instantly brings a smile to my face. Taking her to see the Rockettes perform live in New York City, a lifelong dream of hers, is one of my favorite memories. Bonding with her over our love of 80’s rock bands will never get old (even if the members of those bands do.) I recall her dropping off a bag of potting soil to the Reminder Publishing office last month because she wanted to make sure the cactus on my desk kept growing. She’s the most thoughtful and silliest person I know.

Not to mention, I’m proud to have all of her best qualities and to be the woman I am today because of her. She’s taught me all of the best lessons and I use them everyday.

As I playfully whack my boyfriend on the shoulder with the potholder he (always) leaves too close to the stovetop, I can hear her voice saying “No potholders on the stovetop!” When I have four guests and I prepare enough pasta to serve twenty, I think of her, always cooking more than what’s necessary because she doesn’t want to send anyone home hungry. She would give her last dollar if she thought she could make someone else smile, and I see that same selflessness in my own actions.

She’s also the reason I’m a little different. Does anyone else give his or her friends a birthday card signed by the cat? No? Just us? Okay then.

She’s been hurt by those she loved and let down before, but you wouldn’t know it. She still dances to Bruno Mars while she’s washing the dishes and will hop in the car and go on an adventure any time, no matter where we are headed.

Her love has spanned across two daughters, dozens of our friends, and a house full of pets including fish, hamsters, birds and of course, dogs and cats. Her kindness is endless. I have the best mom in the world and so many others are lucky to have shared her love.

This Mother’s Day, I will be wishing I could buy her a pet giraffe. Unfortunately, she’ll probably just get one screen printed on a mug.

I am lucky to know such love, and each story within this month’s pages radiates that same kind of love. The parents of Somers Cooperative Preschool love being a part of their children’s school lives. Jenny of Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery named her restaurant in her mother’s honor. Carleen of Wellness Within is a great dog mom to her Scottish Terrier, Fannie. And Sheri and Mark of Revenant Sea have a platonic love and respect for one another’s talents that resonates in their music.

Whether you have a mother, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, a mentor or even a pet that you love and look up to, remind them this Mother’s Day. There’s never a bad time to remind someone just how much they mean to you.

Mom, thank you for keeping me strong and always pushing me toward my goals. I’d never be a writer without you.

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