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7/3/2024 | MIASHA LEE


What gives your life purpose? Could it be your career, family, helping others or seeking meaning through spirituality? What can we do to sustain our mental and physical well-being and lean into something that’s purposeful and gratifying? In Enfield, Elemental Studios Yoga and Wellness is a place where people can go and connect consciously with others who are looking to grow spiritually or grow in aspect of their lives.

Owner and Operator Kristen Conley said, “So often yoga is revered as the more physical practice where in my heart and in my mind, yoga is more of a spiritual practice. It’s more of a way to connect to yourself and to connect to your community.”

Originally from Somers, Conley has always had a passion for yoga. She studied personality psychology, behavioral neuroscience and nutrition. It was those three classes together that made Conley realize how important the connection between the body and the mind is which opened these ideas in her mind.

When she started practicing yoga, Conley discovered it’s not just the body and mind, it’s about the body, mind and spirit. “When you want to be healthy, you can’t just look at one level,” she explained. “You have to look at all three and attend to all three levels, so that’s when I started studying yoga after that. I then went to school to be a health/wellness coach.”

After graduating college, she moved out to Colorado and spent the past seven years figuring out who she was, what she wanted to do and dived into yoga and wellness. Now, Conley is excited to bring all of what she learned back to Connecticut.

While teaching a class at Intention studio in Suffield, one of her students approached her. They realized they had several mutual friends and decided to go into business together. “I never expected in a thousand million years and all the time that I’ve been dreaming of this idea that it would be in Enfield, Connecticut, but it worked out that way,” Conley shared. “This has been my vision since I was in high school. I took a yoga class and I’ve been practicing since then. It’s all come together in the past year ever since I moved back to the area.”

Conley feels what’s lacking right now is authentic community building. After COVID-19, she stressed how difficult it has been to maintain community outside of the home and how it’s important not only for our healing, but for our mental health. Conley believes there is such healing and community is such a strength.

Her goal for Elemental Studios is to show people that yoga is for everybody. It doesn’t matter how flexible you are, how in shape you are, how old you are or what walks of life you come from. It is a place where everyone is equal, trying to grow and heal together in a conscious community.

Conley’s strength as a teacher is that she has walked through all walks of life. She has struggled with addiction in the past, has a deep empathy for people and knows how healing yoga can be for anything that anyone is going through. Conley was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD in her teenage years from the trauma she experienced as a child. This led her down a road of disassociating from her memories and using substances as a way to cope. She also has arthritis, and practicing yoga has given her a vehicle to calm her anxious thoughts, be present, surrender what no longer serves her from her past and remind herself of her strength to overcome whatever obstacle is in front of her.

“This is a practice we can all do together to raise our collective consciousness,” Conley explained. “Enfield really does need something like this. There’s such a need for an uplifting community centered type place where people can come together to heal.”

Conley had a soft opening on June 1, but is planning to have a grand opening toward the end of August or early September. She also did a merch drop to raise funds for opening costs and to ensure that the opening runs properly.

For future charitable endeavors, Conley envisions clothing drops for underprivileged people in the area, food drives, and other wellness events that donate 50% of profits to local nonprofits and charities in the area. In the meantime, Conley’s first goal is to get the studio up and running as smoothly as possible and get people from the surrounding areas to fall in love with yoga the same way she did in an uplifting spiritual aspect.

Then, her second goal is to build Elemental Studios into a wellness center. Eventually, Conley would love to start incorporating different modalities of healing like using saunas or using frequency work and even doing cold plunges — having offerings of that nature within the space.

“It is all coming together just as I imagined,” said Conley.

“For me, this is a community-based space and that’s the most fulfilling.”

She continued, “Getting out in community and touching the lives and hearts of other people as well as building those connections within my own community and helping people to realize they have the power to heal themselves and to choose the space that they’re in.”


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