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10/29/2020 |


Real World Negotiations

By Joshua N. Weiss, PhD

In today’s contentious world, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to resolve our own conflicts, large or small, in a way that leaves both sides happy? In Dr. Joshua Weiss’s new publication, The Book of Real- World Negotiations, readers are provided with critical lessons about effective negotiation. Weiss, who lives in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, assembled his book using 25 concise, actual negotiation cases, each shared with him by one of the key negotiators involved. This allows the reader to become a “fly on the wall” in each situation, ranging from national and international legal disagreements and business conflicts to hostage standoffs and crisis interventions.

The goal of his book, Weiss says, “is to show people how to find their way through difficult negotiations and to challenge commonly held myths.” He does this through a series of stories about actual negotiations, since he believes that people learn best through stories. Included in the book are stories about negotiating the release of a group of young Iranian female refugees being held against their will in Afghanistan; a successful resolution between two international companies, one of which was a sole supplier with very little interest in negotiating at all; and a somewhat comical situation during a business negotiation in which one of the negotiators lost his cool and stormed out of the room…right into a broom closet!

The book contains a helpful introduction and glossary of pertinent terms, which can assist you in reading straight through the book, or in picking and choosing stories of particular interest to you. “We negotiate all the time, every day,” says Weiss, “so this is applicable to everyone.”

Weiss is the cofounder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University, and the creator and director of the MS in Leadership and Negotiation program at Bay Path University. He is a contributor to podcasts and an audiobook series published by the BBC, The Negotiator in You. He is also involved in real world negotiations, mediations, and other efforts to “resolve destructive conflict around the world.”

The book is widely available through on-line resources such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon; as an ebook; and just recently as an audio book. For more information on the on-line course at Bay Path University, see

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