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4/2/2020 | Vicki Mitchell


Would you like to have glowing skin, reduce your stress or pain, feel pampered, get healthier, and look better? It seems impossible, but you can accomplish all of this and more at the H.R. Wellness Spa in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. H.R. Wellness means you get a Healthy Retreat when you visit, and according to owner Rose Gay, “we do all we can to ensure your wellness. We offer the best of science and nature by researching and then using products and techniques that are proven by science and also incorporate healthy elements of nature like scientifically proven botanicals that really make a difference in the body. Ingredients like medicinal mushrooms, plant stem cells and peptides along with CBD and more. We try to personally connect with all of our clients and really listen to their needs. Our treatments tend to be a little longer and our space tends to be a little quieter than some. Coming from a medical background I feel it is important to also provide a clean and safe space for our clients to enjoy. We use a medical autoclave to sterilize our implements, use silver Nano (antibacterial) technology built into our pedicure tubs and we only use hospital grade disinfectants to help keep our clients safe. We have special full spectrum lighting therapy that prevents seasonal affective disorder. Beverages are available as well as phone chargers so people on the go can “recharge” in more ways than one. The products we offer for sale are award winning and top of class to really help solve problems our clients might have. We will always continue our research and education so we can continue to provide the best products and services in the future.”

In keeping with her desire to give her clients the best available service, Gay holds numerous licenses in areas such as massage therapy, Reiki, manicurist, esthetician, and aromatherapy. She is also certified in the use of different equipment like Bio Ultimate Platinum Microcurrent, DermaSound (power ultrasound technology), Procell Microchanneling (latest science using human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a serum to make skin act as it did when it was more youthful, which helps with wrinkles, scarring, brightening and more).

“Can you tell I’m a science geek that loves education? The science of skin is always changing and we need to keep up with the latest discoveries if we are going to help people.”

With all of this experience, she also worked for 38 years as a dental surgical assistant. Her background has probably played a role in the life-saving advice she has given to more than one client. As Gay tells it, “I had a client once that was having a pedicure, and I felt something on the back of her leg and when I looked more closely I saw a very suspicious mole. I found a gentle way to let her know this should be checked by a dermatologist. I didn’t see her again so I thought maybe she didn’t like my pedicure. About 6 months later she walked in and grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and thanked me for saving her life. You see, the ‘mole’ was a deadly melanoma and they removed a large part of her calf before putting her through more therapy to prevent it from spreading to other parts of her body. She told me that she had had her yearly physical just the week before that pedicure and that the doctor never checked the back of her as she was sitting on the table. She stated that if she hadn’t gotten a pedicure that day she probably wouldn’t be alive today. Since then I have been able to refer many other people for further evaluation and early intervention.

I also had a client come to me with back pain and she wanted a massage. As I worked I didn’t feel any tight muscles in the area of complaint. After asking more questions about the type and area of pain, I was able to determine it was on a dermatome (nerve pathway) and felt it could be shingles, so I referred the woman to her physician. When the physician saw her the next day a rash was just barely noticeable. He gave her antivirals and stated that he had never seen a patient before the actual rash, which got her the earliest treatment, and thus minimized the length and severity of the symptoms. I also had a friend I worked with who came to me asking what she should do with her very dry cracked lips. I gave her a good regimen to do at home but when it didn’t yield results in a week I felt that there was something much more serious that may be going on and referred her to a dermatologist. It was squamous cell cancer and they removed quite a bit of her lip but were able to save the rest. I can’t imagine how much she might have been disfigured if it had gone undiagnosed for another 6 months. Bottom line, helping people just makes me feel happy and that’s why I do what I do. It is sometimes so much more important than just a beauty treatment!”

The science that is offered at H.R. Wellness Spa comes in the traditional and more unique spa experiences, such as various types of massage (including one using CBD topical pain relieving balm,) manicures and pedicures, facials, aromatherapy, and even an oxygen bar. Advanced facial services include chemical peels, Procell Microchanneling, Oxygen Infusion, DermaSound Ultrasonic facials and microdermabrasion.

Gay enjoys changing her spa décor with the seasons and offering signature beverages and snacks, such as recognizing Margarita Month, Valentine’s Month, Mother’s Day, Zen Garden Summer and Winter Warmers. “We love to mix up different combinations of treatments and add fun scents to our specials. There are lots of extras to make it really special. Our clients always look forward to the next theme change,” she says.

When asked what her favorite treatment at the spa for herself would be, she answered “Probably the Procell Microchanneling because it gives the biggest difference in aging skin and really helps people feel better about themselves. And of course, massage is as good for the soul as it is for the body. For me it would be a toss-up between the Swedish massage and the foot reflexology, which affects the whole body through the 7,000 nerve endings and reflex zones.”

She credits her family and friends for being amazingly supportive in her endeavors at the spa, particularly her husband of 45 years, Jeff, who is “always there to help me build things, move things, repair things, and is great for bouncing ideas off of.” She has recently hired her first employee, Lauren Bousquet, who also holds certifications in numerous spa services. She and Gay share the same mindset when it comes to taking care of the whole person, and thinks of their services as much more than just a beauty treatment. She was also willing to play the part of a client receiving a Procell Microchanneling treatment for our photo shoot.

Gay’s favorite part of the business is seeing people smile, or helping relieve their pain. “It is so rewarding,” she says. “I really love doing facials, but then I guess I got into this business because I enjoy all of what I do!”

H.R. Wellness Spa is located at 7 Magauren Drive, Suite #4 (They share a parking lot with Johnson Memorial Hospital) 860-684-1158

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