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10/31/2017 |


What made you decide to get chickens?

I have had my five chickens for just under a year and a half. The reason that I really wanted to get chickens was because I thought they were cute! My aunt has always had chickens, and my sister’s piano teacher has too. Whenever I went to either of their houses, I liked to watch the chickens, hold them, and collect the eggs.


What do you like to do with them?

At least four times a week, I let them out of their fenced area and let them roam around the yard. They like the bugs and they like to follow me around. I like to give them treats - they love strawberries and lettuce, but their favorite is watermelon.


Have they changed you in any way?

I would say that I have gotten a lot more responsible from taking care of my chickens. I have to make sure that they have food and water, collect eggs, and also keep track of cleaning out the coop.


Do you have any funny stories about the chickens?

Two days after I got them, I was getting ready for school and taking care of my chickens had become a part of my morning. When I went to check on them before I got their food, I only saw one chicken. I thought that something had gotten into the coop during the night and killed my chickens! It turned out that there was just a hidden perch in the top of the coop.


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