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9/5/2019 | Keith O'Connor


How many people do you know who have ever complained about having too much storage space in their home?

“With working families and limited space and time, most people will say they have a need for multi-functional spaces. Everyone needs organization in their life, it just makes their daily activities flow that much easier,” said Kim Grant-Bryda, owner of New England Custom Closets in Enfield.

The family-owned and operated business, which began in late 2015, is the brainchild of Grant-Bryda, whose goal is to help make her customers’ lives clutter free by creating a custom closet, mudroom, pantry, murphy bed or garage.

“It all started with relatives who had kids going off to college. They would call me to help them redo their child’s bedroom for a closet. We would paint, take up the carpet, and buy metal racks for the walls. But, metal racks, even when supported by brackets anchored into studs, eventually bend under pressure and fall off the wall. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way,” Grant-Bryda said.

And there was.

“I met Lee Goldsticker from Miami, the owner of the Lazy Lee Shoe Spinner. He is the one who really explained the closet industry to me. His product was the very first closet design I began installing before we began creating one-of-a-kind designs for each of our customers,” Grant-Bryda said.

“We go right into the home and measure the space we will have to work with. We listen to the customer’s needs and desires. Do they fold their pants or hang them? Do they have suit coats and ties and sportswear on shelves and have the need for a build-in laundry basket or places to keep their shoes? When we go back to the office, a design is created based on the needs of the customer. We share that first draft with them and continue to refine it until they are ready to sign a contract and place a deposit with us,” she added.

The result is an elaborately-designed walk-in closet organized to meet the customer’s every need, or a more simplified standard closet. Options include shelves that are stationary or that pull out, drawers, single- and double-hanging rods, built-in safes for valuables, velvet lined inserts in drawers to hold jewelry, fold out ironing boards, areas for laundry baskets/bags, and much more, including glass shelving with lighting above to shine down through the several shelves.

“Utilizing a three-quarter-inch high pressure laminate and a 2 mm edge the majority of the time, we design and install a floor-based system that offers more durability, strength, and an overall more complete look to any closet or room. We offer at this time six additional finish colors at no additional charge. And, we do not use wire racks or half-inch systems with a paper edge that you would normally find in stores,” Grant-Bryda said.

She noted that while other closet professionals create a hanging system off of a one-inch rail, their flood-based system is attached with a cleat system to a stud in the wall resulting in its greater strength and durability. Their three-quarter inch high pressure laminate known as HPL is less expensive than real wood and their drawers are birch dovetail with soft closures. You can even get drawers with a wood panel face if you select their special “Newport” design shown on their website.

And, you don’t necessarily need a closet for them to work with.

“We can create a design that is installed so that it looks like it blends right into the wall of the room with crown molding edging and more,” Grant-Bryda said.
Grant-Bryda offered her thoughts on why people have more clutter today.

“We have women, especially in the 40 plus age range, who simply don’t want to get rid of their outdated clothing because they believe everything comes back into fashion at some point. So, they have a larger quantity of clothing to store. Then, you have those in the 20-30 age range who are of the mindset that they want efficient, clutter-free storage for their clothing and accessories behind doors, where they can hang their $300 designer jeans and store their Louis Vuitton handbags,” she said.

Word-of-mouth from satisfied customers has helped to build their business, noted Grant-Bryda.

“A majority of our customers each year come from The Big E. After 17 days there we usually walk away with some 60 plus jobs,” she said, adding they also exhibit at the Western Mass Home Show.

“We also pride ourselves on being a military and law enforcement family, so we offer a 10 percent discount for military, law enforcement, and first responders,” she added.

For more information on New England Custom Closets, visit or call 860-741-6809.

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