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One Man's Trash Can Become A Treasure

6/8/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


While shopping in department stores may seem convenient, nothing beats the feeling of finding a real gem to decorate your home. One Wilbraham, MA resident is setting out to take old furniture from run of the mill to rustic. Jeremy Stefaniak of Rustic Refurbs has turned a hobby into a business, remodeling old furnishings into a product any homeowner would be happy to own.

It all started when Jeremy and his wife moved into their new home two years ago. Something was missing in their home, and they set off to find just the thing to make the living room warm. After an unending hunt, nothing felt right, neither in looks nor their wallet. Jeremy thought “Why not?” and created a piece that spoke to he and his wife’s style.

Purchasing a table at a local tag sale and refurbishing it to perfection, the Stefaniaks were happy, and so were friends and family. Soon, they were requesting their own original pieces and spreading the word around the neighborhood.

Since then, Jeremy has taken to his garage to remodel pieces for friends, family and Facebook followers. With the help of his mother who willingly picks up the paintbrush to add a finishing touch, Jeremy makes furniture feel fresh and new, adding rustic charm.

It begins with a great find. Tag sales, flea markets, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, even the side of the road. Jeremy never knows when he will stumble upon his next project. While he can spot his next work just from seeing it in original form, Jeremy says, “I may have a vision in my head of what I want it to look like, but it may take on a completely different look. I don’t like to have my mind made up on a final look.”

Going with the flow has paid off. The Rustic Refurbs Facebook page is filled with posts from satisfied customers, and even patrons asking when they can get their own furniture remodeled.

What are the benefits of having a handmade piece? For Jeremy, it’s the real feel of your furniture. Department stores offer plywood, but wood can last ages. Something else timeless? Jeremy lovingly restores family heirlooms to ensure they live on for decades. That type of care simply cannot be purchased in bulk.

While Jeremy is currently running Rustic Refurbs as a part time hobby turned job, he hopes to someday expand into a local storefront. “I grew up in Western Mass. and lived here my entire life, but it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s about a hometown discount and working in the area with friends.”

Just like the pieces Jeremy happily creates, Rustic Refurbs is sure to grow and become a treasure.  (413) 495-2730

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