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8/6/2018 | Stephanie Trombley


Parenting and moving to a new place are two life-changing experiences that can be as daunting as they are enjoyable. Often, it’s best to have a helping hand to bring joy to these amazing changes. The MOMS Club of Longmeadow, a local non-profit organization, is a great place to start.

After speaking with just a few of the mothers involved with MOMS Club, it is evident that these moms love being a part of their group. In a backyard full of joyful children and laughter, the moms enjoyed some leisure time before their big event next month.

Jenn Klatte (AVP), Katie Newton (former president), Jamie Walker (former AVP) and Sarah Shube (current president), all represent just how fun and rewarding it can truly be to be a parent.
The 3rd Annual MOMS Club Fun Run and 5k is fast approaching, and the moms could not be more excited. On Saturday, August 25, the club will host the Almost Mile Family Fun Run and 5k in partnership with Fleet Feet at the Longmeadow Town Green Park, and it’s sure to be a great time. The almost mile run is around the Longmeadow Town Green. Being a shorter run, this is kid-friendly. Parents are welcome to participate in the 5k to follow. The run around the Longmeadow Town Green begins at 9am, followed by the 5k. A festival follows shortly afterward with prizes & fun activities for all.

Last year, the event raised over $3,000 to benefit Storrs Library in Longmeadow. The MOMS Club hopes to exceed that donation this year. Proceeds will be donated to the library this year as well. As former president Katie Newton shared, “The race’s biggest purpose is to help with the children’s programming at the library. It’s something that we use a lot as moms. It’s a huge resource for us.”
Numerous businesses have offered their support for the race, including My Gym, Kiddly Winks, The Kitchen, Bay Path University, Restoration Games, Mario’s Barber Shop, the Longmeadow Montessori Internationale, and more.

Boomer, the Springfield Thunderbirds mascot, will make an appearance along with the Balise Car Wash mascot, Squeaky. The Longmeadow Police Department is being represented with a visit from Officer Amanda Van Buskirk and her K9 companion, Kai. To help everyone get ready for the run, Fit4Mom’s Meaghan Perry will be conducting a warm-up. Sarah Shube, current president, stated, “A lot of the Longmeadow community has come together for this race. It’s a great couple of races. We’re very excited.”

The MOMs Club of Longmeadow is Longmeadow, Massachusetts’s own chapter of MOMS (Mothers Offering Mothers Support) Club International. Around the nation, moms from various towns gather to make friends, build a community and support charity. MOMS Club used to be exclusively for stay-at-home moms in need of support. However, as time has gone by, it was realized that working moms need just as much support. Now, all mothers are welcome to join the warm and caring group. Originally, the MOMs Club was a part of the Greater Springfield Chapter. It was only six years ago that the club became its own individual chapter. While the chapters may change, one thing has not, and that is the group’s ability to leave a positive footprint on their town.

A majority of the activities held by the MOMs Club of Longmeadow are based on service projects. While the MOMS Club Almost Mile Family Fun Run and 5k is focused mainly on donating to the Storrs Library, the club has given back to a number of organizations over the years.

For example, during their Mother’s Day brunch, the MOMs club collected canned food donations. They have also collected purses for the CHD Grace House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Northampton, Massachusetts. Katie Newton proudly explained, “Service is a must when you are a national organization and that is something we have taken seriously. Our AVPs are focused on the service projects and we always have something ongoing, whether we are giving suggestions on how to help the community or directly working to donate to it. We’ve made Valentines for the senior citizens, collected Halloween candy, and built Veterans Day packages.”

While donating to charity and helping the community is a large part of the work of MOMS Club of Longmeadow, the group is also strongly focused on supporting one another. Most of the MOMs Club members have moved to town from other places, but they have proven anyone is welcome as part of their community.

As Jenn Klatte said, “My family moved here almost five years ago now and that’s the first thing I looked for was a MOMS club and a library. I knew those were great places to be.” Katie agreed, “So many of us are from other places and this was the way for us to connect.”

All of the moms agreed: Having each other in times of need is both important and valuable. When a new mom has a question, she can always count on her group to have the answers. Even if the moms fall on hard times, they can depend on one another for assistance. Whether it’s starting a meal train or lending a listening ear, genuine friendships are built within the MOMS Club of Longmeadow. As Jenn stated, “When I first moved to Longmeadow, I was afraid to make friends, but MOMS Club is really approachable. The friends you make are nice people, and I have never heard anyone talking ill of anyone else.”

The MOMS Club of Longmeadow also holds inter-club events for both members and their children. Some of these events include playgroups, seasonal celebrations, a monthly Ladies’ Lunch, group outings, Lego club, and family picnics. There are also evenings just for moms, for those times when they need a break. These include a book club and a Mom’s Night Out.

Does MOMS Club of Longmeadow sound right up your alley? The group is always welcoming new members. Katie stated, “Every year we get an influx of younger kids and then the older ones start to phase out. It’s necessary to have that next generation of moms to come in and take things over and keep it going.” And don’t worry, dads, a dad’s club is currently in the works!

Visit the MOMS Club of Longmeadow online at for more information on the events held by the MOMS Club, and ways that you can join. And don’t forget to stop by the Almost Mile Family Fun Run and 5k on August 25 at the Longmeadow Town Green Park. Registration begins at 8am. You can also pre-register by visiting

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